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Your Mind

As a writer this is your only asset. Learn to protect it. Fill it up, and then empty it out. The problem is is when you traverse the Web and find your self frazzled and filled with content you’re not quite sure what to do with. There is a lot of inspiration out there, but sooner or later you have to reel it in and do something with it. Filet it? Fry it? Stew in it?

Discipline it. Become the master/mistress of your mind.

Today I was popping around the Net like a pinball out of control. Even though I have devised myself a schedule I must adhere to. Or else I just wander. Well, if truth be told I was procrastinating because there is an unsavory matter I must attend to. But this is a journey and I am documenting it.

I hope you can learn from me and my mistakes.

As a photographer you operate on a different set of principles. Everything is visual. Your mind is not racing trying to put wiley words on a page. There is the big picture. You are more at peace. I long to get out with my camera, but I’m currently doing the download via my CanoScan. Upload the assets before I shoot any more.

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1 thought on “Your Assets”

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I really enjoyed reading these words, because I understand exactly this feeling. My mind works in a very nonlinear fashion – I jump from idea to idea, which makes me a great problem solver, but I am a terrible fit as an engineer sometimes in my company (I can’t pound away at something for hours at a time).

    I’m like the little child, exploring in the backyard, whoops, there’s a butterfly, better follow it!

    So for me, the Net is a major distraction when I should be writing – I’m often reading other people’s interesting work, much like your work here.

    Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, sometimes – it is a great source of inspiration for me.

    However – whenever I get an idea, a thought, I have to write it down somewhere, or I’ll lose it! I guess that encourages me to write…

    I really like your site. Thank you for visiting mine, by the way, and I will be sure to come back here again, from time to time.

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