Writing the Wild Within – Part 1

Red Fox, copyright Ellen Wilson


Sooner or later you will have to get wild. You will have to shed your skin, and find the writer within.
Skin Keeps us Safe

We hide within a realm of things. We hide within society, and what we think our place is in it. We hide within ourselves, and who we think we are.

Sometimes we hide within our egos, or within our pain.

I’m sure you can think of many reasons to hide.

And although hiding can serve a purpose, it can also hold us back from being true to ourselves.

It is a constant balance between what we need as individuals, and what we need as a society.

Learn the Way of the Wild

I started out as a wildlife/nature photographer. I spent many hours crouching in the mud, and standing perfectly still while being consumed by black flies. How else would I catch my prey?

I was shooting pictures, and not game, but it is, and will always be, the same.

What I have learned is this:

There is a certain rhyme and rhythm to nature, and the creatures who dance in it.

Although we have seemed to have forgotten this flow, we can get it back.

The natural world can teach us much about conserving our energy, and giving it back to society. It can also teach us how to hide, and how burst out in full flame.

Perhaps we have lost these traits due to too much domestication. Too much civilization.

We can get it back…

Care to join me on the journey?

Thank you very much.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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