With the Full Force of Your Personality

I was at at a concert at Carolyn’s school and was amazed at how the kids were really into the program.  They made such a colorful sea of enthusiasm I hoped to spread it into the ether.

Diversity is a bigg buzz word nowadays, but for once I was happy to see all these kids operating under the full force of their personalities.   What if they had all stood stock still with sterile expressions on their faces?  Like they were operating under a totalitarian dictatorship?  They would not be operating under the full force of their personality – just someone else’s controlled version.

And although sometimes it does seem like a dream, I think Martin Luther King would have been proud.  And with all the racial tensions and social unrest operating in my community, like communities everywhere (isn’t this why we have wars?) it was good to see the kids having fun together instead of fighting with eachother.  The concert was, after all, about a bunch of fish in a big sea and their itty bitty individualities making up the ocean.

So operating under the full force of your personality doesn’t mean you need to be loud.  It just means being authentic and true to who you are, like some of these women:

Amy Palko – Has a beautiful blog, Lives Less Ordinary, is  based in Sterling, Scotland.  Amy realized she must use the full force of her personality to tell us about our lives less ordinary and how special we are.  She uses her most excellent photographs to illustrate her points.  Amy is not loud, in fact she is very serene.  I always feel relaxed when I come to her blog and a trip there is like walking in the English countryside.  I haven’t been to Scotland yet, so the closeset I can compare it to is England.

Tei Lindstrom – A trip to Tei’s blog, Rogue Ink,  is like visiting a pub.  If you want a heaping helping of wit dished out with little Geisha hands holding a mighty Killian’s Red, you will feel most at home relaxing in the pub of Tei.  She is being true to herself with her satirical thrust and jab.  Good stuff from this Tei – a little swearing, a lot of humor – you know, stuff you find in the pub.  The pub of Tei. She also likes Eddie Izzard and he is about the funniest comedian I have seen in awhile.

Kelly Erickson – Another comedian, Kelly delights in telling us stories about how to help us market our businesses better.  Because it’s all about Maximum Customer Experience.  If the client is satisfied, than we are satisfied.  Right?  Her witty banter revolves around the most ordinary things in life – like bagels.  And apparently the less than ordinary because it turns out she corresponds with Leornardo DiCaprio on a regular basis.  If you ask me, I think Leo is one happy customer.

Obviously these women are all very different from one another and yet they have that one thing in common – they are operating under the Full Force of Their Personalities.  So check them out.  They’re quite authentic.  And very good.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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48 thoughts on “With the Full Force of Your Personality”

  1. @Daz – Yeah, it’s good to meet new people. Mi casa is su casa y vice versa. (Not sure how to translate vice versa into Spanish. It’s Latin, so it’s pretty close to Spanish!)

    @Amy – I would love to come visit you in Scotland. We could go on photo shoots together! I have nothing but lovely words for your blog. Lovely and excellent.

  2. Ellen,

    You’re right on the money here, these women are all operating under the full force of their personalities. You forgot one, so I’ll add her in:


    It so true what you said about children, too. I get to see that every day. If I tackled everything the same way my kids do, I’d be unstoppable…


    Brett Legree’s last blog post..running debrief – the five year plan.

  3. @Brett – Thanks for adding me Brett. Usually I operate under the radar until I have to come out under the full force of my personality. I suppose that’s one trick I have up my marketing sleeve. It’s all about timing.

    I like to promote other people too, because my blog isn’t just about me. It’s about other people and what they think. Now that I think of it most of what I do isn’t about me, it’s about other people, too. I can’t operate in the world without others.

    What I like about kids is they haven’t learned all of this societal conditioning yet. They are authentic.

  4. @Ellen,

    Hey, no problem – and I know what you mean, I’ve found some great people lately and it’s time for me to do an expose on them. Maybe one for later this week.

    That’s how we will all truly grow, by helping one another.

    Oh, kids are awesome. I tell you, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Had the fireplace lit tonight, and the four kids & I were laying there with blankets (Cathryn was out for a bit). I think I could take a week off and we could just read stories…

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..running debrief – the five year plan.

  5. Ellen,

    Thank you! Wouldn’t you know I’m so busy being a wiseacre on your last post that I didn’t even notice the new article… How very nice of you to include me with such fabulous ladies.

    And you, and you absolutely. I come here for unadulterated Ellen. You’re such an engaging writer. I always leave thinking.

    Bagels indeed. Einstein’s, Home of the Very Best Posts. Every once in a while I’m tempted to tell them what I’m writing when I’m there, but that would be the end of eavesdropping, and the staff would probably start treating me well, and then what would be the point?

    That’s a lot to live up to, there. I’ll keep doing my best.



    Kelly’s last blog post..Tipping Points Go Both Ways

  6. @Brett – Yeah, take a week off of work. That would be good for you. You get to sleep in (well maybe not with little tots, I know how they like to be up at the break of day!) It’s hard going back to work after a holiday.

    I’m looking forward to more of your expository writing. You do a great job. Very touching and insightful.

    @Kelly – No problem. I know your busy. If we spend too much time on our blogs we will never get anything done! I’ve got to get a better blog schedule for comments, like maybe lunch hour and at night. I don’t know yet. Eat a bagel and spread a comment.

    You do a smashing job! Einsteins is a strange name for a bagel factory. A bunch of intellectuals must hang there. Well, you do, so there you go.

  7. @Ellen,

    Well, I do have 2 weeks off at the end of July, so I’ll soldier on until then, and just enjoy each and every evening and weekend (and the odd Friday).

    Thank you – just as I look forward to your writing, your stories are so full of emotion and insight.


    I could use a bagel right now. With cream cheese. Whether it is a genius bagel or not. I’m not picky 🙂

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  8. Ellen, in addition to your blog, I’m happy to say that all the blogs spotlighted are in my favorite feeds. Each different, unique and spilling over with personality. All of you delight readers with creativity and authenticity. It is a joy to watch your audiences grow. Thanks for bringing these great blogs to the attention of others.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Above the Noise

  9. @Brett – You know, I guess we can compare it to writers sitting down at a table and writing with eachother. That’s kind what we do with blogs. We get insight and inspiration from eachother.

    @Karen – Yes, I like variety and unique among blogs. These bloggers worked well for this post. As a matter of fact, sometimes I just don’t know where I’m heading with a post until I’m halfway through it. Then it kind of writes itself. That’s always nice. I have another idea where I can highlight a post of yours. Can’t give it away though. It will half to be a surprise.

  10. I find that bloggers who let their true personality shine are among the very best and I believe that is because they are able to form an honest connection with readers. It’s not an easy thing to do either, put yourself out there for all the internet to see, so I commend these women (and enjoy their blogs!).

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..Metaphor Creativity

  11. @Ellen,

    Very much so, isn’t it – sort of like a writer’s cafe, we can share a virtual coffee or tea and some conversation. If we lived in the same town, I can imagine we’d meet from time to time to share stories, just like we do now.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  12. Ellen,

    Einstein’s is a chain, out of Colorado I think. Other Einstein’s I’ve been to are good, but mine, of course, is the best.

    I hear Starbucks are better for the MacBook totin’ intellectuals, but I’m not much for coffee anymore. The older I get the more I have to avoid it (for the caffeine and for the cream and sugar I want to put in it!).

    Brett (and all),

    Sometimes when somebody’s written a particularly fine post I *wish* I were closer, because I just want to say, hey, let’s all go for a drink and talk about how awesome your brain is. Like the Algonquin Round Table.

    That’s the full force of personality. I feel like I could reserve a table at my own favorite Manhattan bar and we’d all be there in ten or fifteen minutes, after the various babysitters showed up.

    I just have to settle for getting virtually soused at Tei’s, and commenting “yeah, wow, great” in 62 places per week. And occasionally, watching you throw a disc or two at Harry and James’ Upstairs After-Hours Club. Not quite what I have in mind, but still, blogoland is pretty sweet.

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..What Are You Withholding?

  13. @Melissa – You’re right, it’s not an easy thing to do. I think its harder in some ways than writing fiction. You have to be honest and let your pants down. Well, to some degree. I mean, we can’t run around totally naked. Letting it all hang out and all. But when I started writing non-fiction I felt naked. Just naked. You can hide behind the characters in fiction.

    @Brett- I think since you guys don’t live around me this is the next best thing! Splatt Creek Cafe. I should write a story about it.

    @Kelly – We don’t have Einsteins in Michigan. Must be an East Coast thing. You are too funny, “yeah, wow great.” in 62 places per week. And know I want to know what the Algonquin Round Table is. What a cool name for a bar. I would love to go to a Manhattan bar! I haven’t even been to New York city yet. We will have to go sometime and get a table somewhere. What a scream.

    It is fun throwing a disc on and boogying over at James and Harry’s House. They always go to bed early…hehe. I feel like a naughty little kid playing with the good China.

    Yeah, I am so whipped tonight after dinking around in Photoshop all night. I need to go and visit you and Melissa tomorrow for a cup of coffee. So since I’m so whacked and barely able to write anything coherent and would probably forget a host of commas and everyone would run together like some big stew…I’ll get on it tomorrow.

  14. @Kelly & Ellen,

    We sure could get a good conversation going in person, heck, we get a good one going *here* which is nice. We’d close the bar down or drink all of the drink…

    Perhaps there’ll be a bloggers convention in our future. Or one of us will get on Oprah, and be able to invite a bunch of friends 🙂

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  15. Damn good idea, Brett. I think we should suggest it to Oprah. Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

    I was just thinking last night we should start our own blogging convention. Why should the SobCon people have all the fun? We could call it the Splat Creek Bloggers.

  16. Hello from Sunny California!
    Taking a break from Painting to check in to the gang! You picked some good ones! Love every one of them as you know. And of course I add my aggeement with Brett that you are also one right up there with the best of them Ellen!

    I’m keeping myself on a time limit here, going to un-plug soon, just wanted to say hi!

    Wendi Kelly’s last blog post..The Pebble People

  17. Wendi! It’s good to hear from you! I’m glad your having a good one in Sunny California. It’s damn cold here in Michigan. Man, I might even have to turn the heat on.

    Well, take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  18. There are so many nice friends (like this group) that I’ve met on the Blogosphere for the past few months.

    I’ve had more interesting chats and discussions with you guys than I do with my “real friends” (i.e. the analog ones I see face-to-face).

    Not that you guys arent’ “real”.

    At least, I hope you are.

    (What if you were all computer generated chat-programs, and I’m talking to empty space?)

    Funny, my “real life” friends are too busy to have anything to do with me, I’ve met so many friends on the Blogosphere in the past two months.

    People I’ve had more inimate chats and discussions with than I do with all my

    Friar’s last blog post..…Not the Captain, too!

  19. Oh, I assure you I am very real! But that is a disturbing thought, imagine we were all a bunch of robots talking to eachother!

    I have had the most distubing thing happen to me, actually. I just finished writing an entire post and had it disappear. I have no idea what happened.

  20. Ellen,

    If Einstein’s started in Colorado and they’re out here, they’ll close in on middle America soon. Watch out.

    The Algonquin Round Table consisted of Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, and a lot of other great authors, many, many martinis, and an enormous dose of author’s angst. They propped each other up when feeling insecure, which for writing purists should be always. (Named for the Algonquin Hotel where they did this nightly gathering and sousing.)

    My favorite Manhattan bar is Pete’s Tavern on Irving Place. I first went there when I was a young, young pup, because it is famously the place where O. Henry wrote The Gift of the Magi and a lot of other stuff (his Einstein’s!). He had a flat above the tavern for a while.

    I keep going when I am able to stop in the city, because the drinks are great, the atmosphere is stellar, and the food…!! I went about two months ago and had simple hamburgers with my Dad. They were an other-worldly experience, and I’m not much of a hamburger fan.

    If you get to Manhattan, go there, sit, drink, (eat), and write something inspired.


    I had the same conversation with Brett a couple of months ago re: virtual people. But you all are so real. If I click my sparkly red heels three times, who knows?


    Brett et al.,

    If we do a conference, can we call it the Off-Topic-Conference and refuse to discuss The Serious Business of Blogging at all? With marshmallow-roasting and bring the kids and dogs and lots and lots of shiraz?

    There are on-topic conferences, and those do not interest me at all.

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..Inspiration Points: Making Money Online or Off, Vanish

  21. @Kelly – The SERIOUS business of blogging is…too serious. I think we can all admit here that we aren’t six figure bloggers, nor will we ever be. Maybe people like Dooce et al, can do this, but I don’t have any interest. All I want to do is sell some articles and pictures. And learn some things from my blogging friends.

    I would love to go to the Algonquin Round Table. Sounds like my kind of place. Incidentally, The Montreal Jazz fest is coming up. The Splat Creek Bloggers should hook up there. I’m trying to get Brett and Karen to join. Anyone else is welcome. I’ll bring the Chardonnay. Or the Cabernet Sauvignon. What say you all?

  22. Ellen,

    Boy, that sounds great.

    I’ll be completely jealous, but I can’t make it. I split my summer between work 24-7 and play 24-7, otherwise known as “joint custody.” The festival falls during my work 24-7. Gotta fund the playing somehow.

    *sigh* Even if I could do that week, right now I haven’t got a passport. I let mine expire years ago. Oops. Back when I used to go to Canada a lot it was driver’s-license-only, but that was pre-2001. I’ve thought about dealing with it, but with not much reason, it’s been low on the list.

    If you do go, have a great time and take lots of pictures (I know you will)!

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..Inspiration Points: Making Money Online or Off, Vanish

  23. Yes! Blogging can be fun right! Sheesh, sometimes all I hear is metrics, traffic, money, blah, blah, blah that I feel like a total and complete slacker for not caring. Everyone seems to be in a race to dominate, which don’t get me wrong is fine. Heck I want my blog to have a good readership too. One of the great things about blogging is the community of bloggers. Just when I am telling myself I suck and should be held captive and never even allowed to even write my own name, someone comes along and reminds me to lighten up. I like round tables, let’s start one and yes a conference that is all about being way off topic. Let’s not call it a conference, a meet-up or tweet up because well we’re different. I like different, and today I’ve decided maybe I don’t suck so bad after all, I’m just different. 🙂

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Three Tactics for Managing Roadblocks On Your Road to Success

  24. @Kelly – That are you talking about?! The Canucks will still let us in. At least I think. We did have a bitchy border patrol guy several years ago that demanded passports. We just said “What? We’re Americans. We’ve always come across.” And then he said, “Well, Bonjour! How do I know you’re Americans?” Mike and I looked at eachother and I said, “We can sing the Star Spangled Banner?” He almost, but not quite, laughed. He let us through.

    But that sucks. Too bad you can’t come. I never worry about it. I just go. But then there was that time I was almost stranded in Treviso…but I got out. It was all my stupid roommates fault. But that is a long story.

    @Karen – Of course you don’t suck. You have great posts. Readership takes a little time to build, but once it’s there we can support eachother, inspire eachother, and help eachother. Way off topic is always good.

  25. Ellen,

    I heard you had to have a passport as of last August or some thing. Canucks and us. No?

    Cool, I’m off to stalk Brett’s pretty babes now (Just for photos!)

    For the sake of your jazz listening, that should probably be checked into, seriously.



    Off-Topic-Un-Conference. It’s a deal.


    Kelly’s last blog post..Inspiration Points: Making Money Online or Off, Vanish

  26. @Ellen,

    We are soooo getting on Oprah. And let us never mind the six-figure bloggers. Small change folks. We can and will do better.


    The Off-Topic-Conference would be a lot of fun. And you might be able to get in here with just ID, I am not sure but I don’t think we tightened up our borders (we should, though – not because of you, mind you!)


    You don’t suck, your posts don’t suck. You are awesome, Wonder Woman.


    Let us not forget, Rome wasn’t built in a day. JK Rowling, John Grisham, they had to fight tooth and nail for what they have now. Maybe we don’t get to that. But I bet we can.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  27. @Kelly – I don’t think we do, but I could be wrong. I heard it was a long term plan. Like in five years or so. Some other time. We’ll go to the Algonquin.

    @Brett – Of course we will get on Oprah. She doesn’t know it yet. But she will. I know what JK Rowling had to go through being on welfare and all, but I don’t know what she went through to get published. I know what Grisham went through, though. Just takes time.

  28. @ Brett, oh kilted one your kindness is the elixir my downtrodden heart needs. 😉 You are brave and wise and rock out to ultra cool music!

    @Ellen, we can do better than be on Oprah we can buy our own network (like she did) and do our own show. 🙂

    Everything at some point is like high school. I was a floater. I liked everybody but always stuck up for the underdog. I hung out everywhere and with everyone, so I guess I was an eclectic socializer. Now that I think of it I still am! I have all sorts of friend groups that are wildly different.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Three Tactics for Managing Roadblocks On Your Road to Success

  29. I saw on CTV news today. A company makes prescription swimming goggles. Oprah spot-lighted them in her magazine…and now their business is taking off . It’s a retailers dream.

    Now. if we can only tap into that Oprah energy, eh?

    PS. I heard on the radio…you do not need passports to enter Canada from the US if you drive by car. (Though they’ll probably want to see some kind of birth certificate).

    Friar’s last blog post..Random Stupidity at 12,095 Feet

  30. @Brett – Yeah, that’s what I was talking about in the post after this. I don’t think you can do it with the numbers game. It has to be working within honest relationships. And the thing about Oprah is is she’s honest.

    @Karen & Friar – I see I have convinced you of the power of Oprah. I don’t know the firt thing about buying my own network, so you guys will have to fill me in.

    I don’t know how this whole Oprah tangent got started. Probably when I was over at Friar’s and said I was green with envy, ’cause this guy had published a book about a conservation or game officer, a thriller kind of thing, which is VERY popular right now. And of course my novel is about a wildlife biologist/game officer.

    So I really need to start querying agents and editors again. And after I get published I can get you guys on board, because that’s what friends are for. Seriously, haven’t you noticed that’s how it works in the MFA run literary mags? It’s like, you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. That pisses me off, because if your not in an MFA program you can forget about having your short story published.

    Sometimes I think about publishing my own literary magazine.

  31. Ellen, start sending those queries! You deserve to be published. I did work for a company that always had these live interview / round table discussions with coaches, authors, marketers and other big name gurus. I will never forget when Jack Canfield shared his story about Chicken Soup. They had serious meetings with 122 publishers and were rejected. They finally got picked up by small publisher who they later learned was going out of business. They received no advance and the publisher thought they would sell 20,000 copies, they said they’d sell 150,000 by Christmas which was 5 months away. Of course they went on to sell like 30 million books and create an empire.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..3 Proven Methods to Drive Away Your Customers

  32. @Ellen,

    I don’t think Oprah’s forgotten her roots, so she’s pretty down to earth in spite of her wealth. She likes to help out.

    I think you should start querying as well – I’m still reading your book, I apologize for not giving any concrete feedback yet, but it is very good.

    It seems like we’re all writing one thing or another, doesn’t it… hmm, almost like we need to start something together 😉

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  33. Friar,

    Why did that get mentioned on the radio?

    I forgot to come back and mention, I looked it up at the State Department’s website (U.S.) yesterday. The deadline I was remembering last year was for air travel. Must have a passport now.

    If going by car, a passport or, driver’s license AND birth certificate are required. Next June (2009), passport for any kind of travel.

    So Ellen, even if you don’t have one either, you are still bound for jazz in a few short weeks. Lucky lady.

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..Will the Real #10 Please Stand Up!

  34. @Karen – Thanks for the support. You start the network, and we’ll all be on it! I’m sure you can do as good a job as Oprah. I don’t know the first thing about television and broadcasting. I did hear yesterday that Detroit has the worst graduation rate in the US. Isn’t that sad?

    @Brett – Thanks for that. I know you’re busy, so don’t sweat it. Yeah, we should partner up on something. That’s a great idea. We’ll discuss it more!

    @Kelly – Man, that’s closer than I thought. Mike is going to have to get a passport. I’ll take my passport just in case.
    We’ll get to the Algonquin soon. I just know it. I really wish I had the money to travel more.

  35. hello all, getting ready to lock up LA and head up to San Fran, just put up my post about my experience here, it’s been SOOOOO nice.

    GANG We are going to rock our world.
    We are–I am telling you. I have seen the future and it is us.Every thing but the kitchen sink.if you catch my drift. I like the round table idea.

    Kelly….get your passport. NOW. Right now. You never know when you are going to need it and there is power in being ready when the muse is hot.There is very little about success that has to do with luck but a whole lot to do with being ready when opportunity comes knocking at your door.

    Lecture provided by your loving and friendly grandma Wendi 🙂 You don’t ever want to be stuck having to say no when the right answer is CAN and WILL!!!

    Hugs gangs
    On Friday I go to Cancer Camp, which is the TRUELY unplugged part of the trip. So remote there is no signal for even cell phones. Keep the fires burning 🙂

    Wendi Kelly’s last blog post..Unplugging for Peace

  36. @Wendi – Glad you could stop in! You sound like you are having a great time. We’ll keep the fire stoked for you.

    @Brett – That’s right. The Round Table. Has a nice ring to it.

    @Kelly – Hear that from Grandma Wendi? (That sounds funny. I don’t think of Wendi as a grandma. But her grand kid does) You should be prepared to be spontaneous and fly out the door at a moments notice! Never know when you have to visit the Canucks.

  37. Ellen, tell Canucks to get their passports ready. Never know when THEY might have to visit ME.

    Aw, Grandma Wendi (reminds me of the movie Hook), why can’t my hordes of Canadian groupies drive their butts over the border? Good stalkers are supposed to come to you. 🙂

    Besides, I can’t get a passport for my little person. Jerk-o won’t sign a consent, and there’s this little law that says if he won’t sign, she can’t have one. (He has this idea that we don’t like him enough to return.) Once I found that out, I moved worrying about my own passport to low on the list, and wondering how his heart is doing to higher on the list.

    I want a big “aww” from you moms and dads, not a “kiss her goodbye at the border and have fun on the other side anyway.” Our summers don’t work that way. Divorced moms in my situation get plenty of alone time to act like free grownups, blah blah blah. When it’s our time together, no bacchanal can drag me away (unless it’s past her bedtime and I have a babysitter…).

    Kelly’s last blog post..Will the Real #10 Please Stand Up!

  38. @Kelly – Yes, we will have to put in a yell. I’m going to Montreal so if we meet up they don’t have to worry about that end. Just springing for the beer. hehe.

    You should get one for the time you don’t have custody. You never know what will pop up. Arctic ice days on the tundra? Ha! Well, look at Friar over there on his blog. He seems to have fun jumping in the frigid water.

  39. Ellen,

    Gotta fund the play when I don’t have her with me. It starts in a week… aargh! I’m not ready! All work half the summer, and all play the other half, makes Kelly a very tired girl. With mainly free evenings. *yawn*

    Anyway, the fine, frigid Friar was in Colorado when that photo was taken, so we’ve got our own homegrown frozen available here for me to say NO WAY to. Then there’s Lake Placid, where Brett’s gonna cool his jets…. Even “the heat of summer” is cool up there.

    Must. Finish. Post. It’s been a long day.

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..Will the Real #10 Please Stand Up!

  40. @Kelly,

    Got the passport ready to go whenever it’s time to take a road trip to meet you for a coffee, I’ll grab the Friar and we’ll be good to go (if my “boss” will let me go!)

    And as you say, in the mean time, Lake Placid is calling.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the forever people.

  41. @Brett & Friar – We live in an endless expanse of space. Takes a long time to drive any where. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad.

  42. @Kelly – Yeah, I guess that lifestyle would be hard to get used to. My big adjustment comes during summer break.

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