Wilson’s Newest Publishing Venture: Fiction

Recently I decided to publish my fiction after reading this guy.  You may have heard of him.  I randomly came across him when I was researching ebook ideas.  Guess I’ve been totally out of the loop concerning indie publishing, because it wasn’t so long ago I was writing about this. I decided not to wait any longer, because the way publishing is heading I would either be 120 years old or dead by the time I got published.  I really didn’t want to wait for the latter.


In the Shadow of Shakespeare.  I wrote this book after I started investigating whether Christopher Marlowe was Shakespeare. Like many things in history that prove to be a fallacy, many people do not realize that the guy you think is Shakespeare is not really Shakespeare.  You know, the old bald guy that people in Stratford-upon-Avon insist on sexying up in all these supposed portraits that are found in various places?

I mixed a lot of things in this novel I find interesting.  The holographic universe and the illusion of time and space provided the background for the time travel sequence.  This novel was recently (July/2013)  professionally edited.


The Nature of Things. This novel came about from my experiences as a natural resource professional.  I say professional because it sounds better than worker. In Michigan there is no combined job title of wildlife biologist/ conservation officer but there is in other states.  There are many contentious issues within the field of natural resources and in this novel I touch on Native American treaty rights, environmental toxins, and the dirty dealers who deal in environmental degradation.



Birds of a Feather. Crows are the basis of this story.  I was thinking of a huge murder of crows I saw once in a tree that all flew up then circled round and round the tree.  I have never seen anything like it.  I was also thinking of an old crow friend in the zoo who used to put his head down for me to scratch.  One day I went back to his cage and he was gone.




Only One Guy. While I was researching what happened to Anna Mae Aquash, an American Indian Movement (AIM) activist, I came across the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO). This story came out of that research.  I was going to dedicate this story to Ms Aquash, but I didn’t want to offend anyone so I didn’t.



The Twelfth House.  A psychic who uses astrology as a tool to trap a psychopath who kills women.   Do these psychic atrologers really exist?  Who knows.  A good idea for a story though.

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