What are You Fishing for?

Everyone comes to blogging for a different reason.

Maybe you’re tired of the mom grind, and want to share with other moms.  Being a stay at home mom is lonely. So you see other bloggers doing it, but think to your self, nah, I can’t be a problogger, it will be like blogging without a blog for me.

Then you get this big bright bulb over your head and realize you could start an itty biz!  Something little of course, you tell yourself, but something that could grow. Because you are sick and tired of eating macaroni and peas and scraping pennies.  I mean really, wouldn’t a juicy steak be nice?  Or maybe something from the deep friar, like one of those organic sandwiches filled with plaintains.

Secretly though, you have always wanted to write for Hollywood, and wish Steven Spielberg would call you up and ask if your laptop is for hire.  But this is not delusional, you think, because you have had one of life’s little inspirations and just know your words for hire are better than the crap that is currently playing in theatres.  Besides, Steven Spielberg’s birthday is just one day after yours, and you notice many great directors are Sagittarians.  And you realize it’s high time for more women to be great directors.

After carefully perusing templates, you give yourself a design interval of six weeks.  That should be all it takes, you think, because puntuality rules!

Soon, your blog blinks and is awake.  And now that it is up and running you find yourself writing forward into the golden zen of the blogging world.

I dedicate this post to the muse Melissa.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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30 thoughts on “What are You Fishing for?”

  1. Oh my gosh, Ellen,

    What a wonderful post.

    It’s so creative and original. And you included a link to me as well. You are so sweet. Thank you.

    I do have to bookmark this one. It’s great inspiration for me while I’m blogging without a blog. 🙂

    You rock!

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..NBOTW Needs No Introduction

  2. Fishing?!!! You know I am liking this. I fish for lots of things. See I throw something on the water and see what comes back…..:) Looking good here, Ellen. Looking good. Must get back to that one little patch of paint…..thanks for stopping by, you know how it gets in the lone pursuit of art. I am pushing for several large pieces right now and don’t you know that is exactly when my attention gets easily sidetracked by that other side of my brain. 🙂 I am going go se Karen and the Friar and then scurry back to work. One more dab….well, and then another.

    Janice Cartier’s last blog post..The 1 Thing Today

  3. @Ellen

    Thanks for the link love! 🙂

    What am I fishing for?


    Largemouth, Pike, Walleye.


    I still don’t know. I”m smack dab in the middle of a mid-life crisis right now…..when I find out, I’ll let you know.

    But I reassure you…my plans don’t include Barbie! 🙂

    Friar’s last blog post..Plantain Wars

  4. @Barbara – I have always thought that blogging without a blog was very ironic. You always know what you’re talking about. And thanks.

    @Vered – And I’m glad I found you! Where else can I go for my feminist fix of stupid pics?! Haaaa! You stimulate my imagination for finding these crazy little things. And I enjoy all that you have to say. And all the commentators.

    @Karen – Glad to entertain. I go to you for some good wisdom and keeping me on track. And for being a friend. Thanks.

    @Friar – Well, since we are the same age, I can relate! And if you don’t want a Barbie, I can’t complain. But if you do, I can’t really see it. I bet it’s not in your cards. I hope you like the plaintain reference. I got a kick out of it. You never know when we will inspire eachother. Keep your eyes open!

  5. Janice – I’m sorry I didn’t respond the first round! I haven’t forgotten you. I know you have been busy with your painting and that’s most groovy! I am glad to know things are going well for you. After I get Naomi’s book, I’ll have to get one (or a series) of your paintings.

    Yeah. I get easily side tracked too. Take care.

  6. I’m fishing for the next great post to help me be a better person! No telling where that could come from, but there are plenty of options within your post to help!

    Great post! Most entertaining! Keep it up!

    Jenny’s last blog post..It Is My Life

  7. @Deb – I have to check out your story post, I haven’t had a chance yet. Punctuality rules lends itself to many story possibilities.

    @Jenny – Glad to entertain. I often get inspired from my fellow bloggers, and I never know when it will hit. A post could be funny, philosophical or both, and I get an electrial idea that turns into something.

    @Jaden – I like to make you laugh.

    Melissa’s story post is most excellent. Hopefully more people can try it. Very good idea.

  8. Melissa,

    Your story was very good! It made me want to write this one. Of course I would dedicate the idea back to you, the originator.

    If you want to get better at something, study those that are masters, like you.

    Have fun dancing!

  9. This post is cool! I love it! I especially loved the plantain reference. Ahaha!

    Very creative. I really like reading this kind of thing.

    PS. I think this might be my first time commenting here, and I’m ashamed. But at least it’s not my first time here, or my last. 🙂

  10. @Steph – Hey, thanks, and you have been here before. Don’t sweat it. Sooner or later we make it to everyone’s blog.

    I love Writing Down the Bones. It’s one of my all time favorites. So simple and good. I haven’t read the review of it on Amazon. Now I have to check it out!

  11. @Friar – I can’t believe you missed that. I am convinced, with you as my 1 sample size, that the more we visit eachother’s blogs the lazier we get on our comments.

    I’m guilty of it, too.

    @Sandie – Oh, it’s much more fun than a list. For sure. Back when I was a single mom Nick and I ate tons of macaroni and cheese and peas. The Stouffer kind. I was getting my BS and I didn’t have time to put together any long kind of meal. Now he won’t eat any other brand besides Stouffer’s.

    @Amy – I haven’t fished in a long time. I like fly fishing and I like catch and release. I can’t eat fish because I’m allergic to them.

    Yes, I have a hard time killing things. That’s why I buy my meat in packages. Hypocritical, I know, but it helps my conscience. I used to be a vegetarian but I really feel so much better when I eat meat. I think Sandie, above, said the same thing at some point.

    The main reason I became a vegetarian was because I don’t like animals crammed into small cages or feed lots. What a crappy life.

    @Dr Cason – Good luck! Though by now they are probably back in daycare.

    I think Guam would be a good getaway location. Though with the price of everything going sky high, maybe not.

  12. Ellen – I am a vegetarian, but for me it’s more a gross-out factor. After working for food poisoning lawyers for a while, eating meat began to be a sickening thing, rather than a good meal. But I don’t like killing things either. I’m the type that sees a dead animal on the side of the road and buries it. Sick, eh?

    Amy’s last blog post..Can You Write Away the Block? How About the Burnout?

  13. @Ellen

    I am a lazy, lazy Friar. So I might not always give the most insightful comments.

    But also, be aware that I often blog and comment when I’m NOT SUPPOSED to be (like rigth now). Dont’ tell Uncle Big Brother.

    I have to fit in my comments in tiny spurts, and then get out of Dodge before someone comes into the room.

    Light right NOW…

    Okay…BYE….(Gotta go!)

    Friar’s last blog post..The Gitchiest Christmas Ever

  14. @Amy – I used to work in an office with Michigan Department of Agriculture people and they used to tell me horror stories. I remember one specifically being about flies and how they crap on your food when they land on it. And something about regugitating stuff, too. It seems the flies are not just eating the food, but emitting all over it.

    I never have heard of food poisoning being a legal specialty. Interesting.

    I don’t think burying dead animals that have been hit by cars is sickening! I wish more people would do that. I feel bad for these animals when I pass them. Thinking, no one cares about them. Did they die quickly? Or did they suffer? And why do we just leave them there? It’s disrespectuful.

    I’m the one everyone gets to save the baby birds. Or injured birds. I usually take them to the animal rescue place. I have a cat.

  15. everyone brings me sick animals too. Tuesday the little neighbor girls broughte a dying baby bunny, bleeding from the head but still it lived for hours. I carried it around until it died and then we buried it. I also have a rescued frog in the house we found in the parking lot last summer. And all the baby squirrels in the yard I rescued last year when their trees were knocked down in the storm are still alive. They eat out of my hands and lay on the steps outside waiting for me. I’m a huge freak. 🙂

  16. @Friar – I just stepped outside then I remembered I didn’t respond to your comment so I came back in and Amy’s back too! I’m anal that way.

    I can’t believe you are so lazy as a very over educated widget maker. I understand that big brother is watching, though. Make hay while the sun shines.

    @Amy – Man, that would just kill me. I don’t like suffering. Stuff like that eats at me and it doesn’t go away. You sound like you have a true talent for healing. The squirrels probably think you are their mother. I can’t believe the frog is still alive. I’ve never rescued any amphibians yet.

    People think I’m weird because I put bugs outside. I just can’t bring myself to kill them as some easy fix. It’s not their fault they found their way inside. They’re just looking for shelter.

  17. Wow, Ellen, thanks for the link! And what a, well, delightful way to do it, too! It’s clear you had a lot of fun with this one.

    I have to say I love the picture. Very relaxing. I’m not one much for fishing, but I’m all about hanging out by a stream on a nice day.

    Matt Tuley’s last blog post..Is that graph necessary?

  18. Ellen – I do think the squirrels think I am their mother!! If I am too depressed and sleep in, or I don’t go outside soon enough for them to get their morning food, they scratch on my window. 🙂 I don’t like to kill bugs either. Flies I will kill if I can’t get them to leave on their own, only because they cause disease to rabbits and I don’t want my bunnies to get sick. If they were easier to trap I would catch them and let them outside. I do always feel guilty when I have to kill one. Well, time to get to work. (I would rather be fishing!)

    Amy’s last blog post..Can You Write Away the Block? How About the Burnout?

  19. @Matt – I did have fun with it. The hardest part was imbedding all the links. Hanging out near the water is nice. And we can go to Lake Michigan soon because the water has to warm by now.

    @Amy – What are you going to do with all these squirrels when they have babies? Soon you will have countless generations coming to your window for food. I can just picture it – 50 squirrels scratching at the window. I had a friend who fed the squirrels through the patio screen door. She would inch it open a little and feed the squirrel out of her hand. Then the squirrel ripped the screen open when she was gone. I hope your babies don’t get out of control. You could start a squirrel farm.

  20. Ellen – It has been about a year now I guess, so some of them have already had babies. There are several families now. I don’t have a screen door for them to break. They just knock on my window. (Well, they scratch it.) I don’t think I’d make a very good farmer. 🙂

    Amy’s last blog post..Dear Mr. Schnickelfritz

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