Vatican Planet X

Miles Johnston gives an update from Peter Paget, an ex British Department of Defense (DoD) official and author of the Welsh Triangle.

The information is concerning Planet X, which can be moved around by gravimetric control and can be used as a weapons system.



Planet X, aka Planet 9 or Nibiru


Does the Vatican have secret knowledge of Planet X?

Miles Johnston tells us that Zecharia Sitchin was a Vatican agent sent to mislead people.


Zecharia Sitchin


The Vatican has a telescope named Lucifer. The Vatican is always looking for something.

Could it be Planet X?


Vatican Telescope Lucifer


Dr Richard Miller has said that Planet X could have a Dyson Sphere attached to it.

“The heat source thing is going to suggest that it’s a Dyson Sphere, and that may be where your Nibiru is using a collapsed binary as a power source to be able to go outside into the universe and access other kinds of wormholes…


“RI signature is suggesting that it’s not a collapsed binary and if it is its got an artifact around it…


Dr Steven Greer has talked to Hans-Adam von Liechenstein about his ‘end times’ scenario funding.

Greer has also mentioned that the Jesuits have technology transfer policy. Technology transfer to who? Aliens?

Has the Vatican wrote it’s biblical end times tale to coincide with Nibiru, Planet X, Planet 9?

Could this new ‘planet’ be Lucifer the Light Bringer Illuminator, with its own light source?



vatican sphere with a sphere

Vatican, sphere within a sphere

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