The Magick of Money

Annuit Coeptis:  Our project has been crowned with success.

The reason the Illuminati say that they have already succeeded, when they haven’t, is this: It is a common way of changing an energetical system by projecting what you want into the future.  That is why propagandists drop leaflets on a battlefield saying give up, we have already won, or business attorneys say it’s already a done deal.  They want you to think you have no power.  YOU DO. And they are afraid of you and your power.

The occult means secret.  It can be used for good or bad.  It is an energetic symbol system that manipulates energy.

The energy on a dollar bill is passed from hand to hand to hand. This strengthens the magick because everyone absorbs the meaning (physically and financially) that the New World Order has already won.

The pyramid represents perfection and the eye on the top says we watch everything.  Novus Ordo Seclorum. Annuit Coeptis.  The New World Order. Our Project is crowned with success.

What do you think they are trying to tell us?

The Illuminated Luciferians truly believe they have won this right.  It is up to you to resist and realize you don’t have to be a victim to their diabolical designs.  No one can do it for you.

The City of London Banksters built a worldwide web-of-debt system of interlocked central banking based on debt-based fiat currency according to secret Babylonian “money-magick” and usury. Babylonian money-magick is the creation of money from nothing and lending it to its actual owners at usurious rates. This is considered the greatest scam in history and the making money from nothing.

Preston James, Veterans Today: 01 Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

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