The Blog Renaissance

Green Man Westminster Abbey, copyright Ellen Wilson

There is this feeling among the writing community that blogging and other forms of online writing are not “real.”  Online writers argue that of course online writing is real.  While print writers argure that only print writing is real.

Really?  Just what is real?  If online writing wasn’t real – could we read it?   We can’t see viruses, and I certainly can’t see the thoughts in your head, but would we argue that they are not real?

What print writers are “really” refering to,  is their need to feel superior, or more centered in “reality” than the online writing community.

I followed this debate online, where it could happen quickly.  Do you think the newspapers will pick up the debate?  I doubt it.  Print sources are notoriously slow for picking up the energy and fluctuations of current events.

Paradigm Shifts

Throughout history we, as humans, have decided what is real or not.  We have also prescribed importance to the this so called reality.

In science, we are now moving out of the Newtonian Paradigm, or mechanistic view of the universe, and shifting into the Quantum revolution of energy relatedness and possibility.   But this shift didn’t happen without the characteristic birth pains of a new way of thinking.  And we’re still experiencing the contractions.

The Renaissance  of Writing

The Renaissance (or rebirth) was a time period that was characterized by an explosion of creative thought.  The Renaissance gave birth to such artists and inventors as Leonardo Da Vinci, and Shakespeare.  Incidentally, Shakespeare took a lot of flak for being a playwright.  Playwrights were not considered respectable in this era, because the people who wrote plays were usually commoners.   In fact, it was forbidden for the nobility to write plays in this era.  But they could write poetry.

I would like to mention more famous woman from this time period, but guess who wrote all the history?  Sadly, it wasn’t me.

We are now experiencing a new Renaissance, a new birth of writing forms.  This information explosion is manifesting in all types of online writing.  And since we spend such a large amount of time on our computers, it will only be a matter of time before online writing is entirely accepted by the majority.

Sure, there will always be those purists who claim that online writing isn’t real, but for what purpose?

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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14 thoughts on “The Blog Renaissance”

  1. Yes, yes, yes! While I have respect for all forms of writing, online writing can capture the moment as it happens. It’s immediacy contributes to its power. You can tap into what is happening and even as trends, and events are taking place online writers are there to not only capture but lead/shape opinions. We also have the power to shape our own destiny, if that’s not real then leave me in imaginary land.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Fierce Friday!

  2. You have said it better than I can, Karen. I have never thought of the immediacy of current opinion and how blog writers/readers can shape that opinion. Good insight.

  3. Karen is right, but so are you. The new paradigm will allow online writing to become so interconnected that I predict hyperlinks will be replaced by hyper-context-links, perhaps even automatically.

    Imagine writing a post about your thoughts on, say, freshwater aquaria, and your browser automatically suggests links and additional resources, references, footnotes, and images…

    @Stephen | Productivity in Context’s last blog post..Down but not out

  4. That’s fascinating Steven.

    This is what I love about sharing all these great ideas, they just keeping building and escalating.

    And it all started out as a dream in somebody’s head.

  5. @ Stephen, that is so insightful and we may not be that far away. Consider the developments in universal search, where search terms yield images, text, news, blog posts and more. To a small degree we have a taste of this on blogs with Amazon context links which pick up phrases and auto link them to relevant products. I have no doubt that your vision will become reality sooner than we imagine.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Fierce Friday – I Did It My Way

  6. Sorry Stephen, your comment was eaten by Askimet and I just found it.

    Late night pool? One of my random thoughts that bounced out of my head and onto the page. I was bouncing like a cue ball between two blogs that night.

  7. I think people who look down on blogging as a lesser species of writing are fools. Gone are the days where you were just a passive reader, now we can all have our say and say what we want to.

    Blogging challenges the everyday person to actually use those creative skills we were taught in all those years of school!

    Darren Daz Cox’s last blog post..Springtime Maiden oil painting and poem

  8. I think the purists who say that Blogging isn’t “real” are intellectual snobs who want to maintain their monopoly on their newspaper columns and book publishing rights. (God forbid should the unwashed masses start infringing on their territory!)

    You get a lot of this in the art world. Critics who maintain that photography shoudlnt’ be in a museum. Or that illustrators like Robert Bateman aren’t “real artists” because their paintings look “too real”.

    Whether writing, painting, music, etc., I dont’ think there should be any set rules on what’s “”real”. (You get enough of that everywhere else in life.)

    That’s what’s so nice about the creative arts. The rules are..there ARE NO RULES.

    friar’s last blog post..Friar’s Artist Tips: Cheap brushes work just fine.

  9. Yes! The point of being an artist is that there are “no rules,” and you make it up as you go along. Artists tap into some kind of universal force that others come to know through their artwork.

    As far as blogging and literature and all of that rot – there are always those who want to establish a hierachy, yes, so they can feel superior to everyone else. But really Friar, I think you will blow that all away with your blog.

  10. Thanks for the compliment Ellen. I have no idea where my Blog is going, all I know is that I’m having a lot of fun.

    Your words inspire me to keep trying to break down the barriers and blow away the Rule-Makers.

    (Heh heh heh). Ain’t I a stinker?

    Friar’s last blog post..Super-achieving for a Cup of Coffee…

  11. Yeah, and that’s one of the reasons I like you. Hey! You are now officially part of the blog Renaissance. Rebirth of blog due to Friar!

  12. Hey there, it has taken me WAY too long to come by and thank you for the link to the blog post about blogging as legit writing. I tend to agree with most of your comments here. THANKS!

  13. Hi Allena,

    And thank you for all your hard work at You were one of the first writers I read concerning freelancing writing. All of your good info really helped me jump into the fire. And if you don’t agree with something, please feel free to disagree…it’s all part of the journey.

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