Pouring Yourself into Purity

Tapping into the Creative

All of our deep work comes directly from our unconscious mind.  It bubbles up and pours out into many forms.  Our job is to decide what form this work will take.

I used to work in the field of natural resources, and I was involved in a program concerning groundwater.  My job was to educate people about groundwater and how to protect it.

Sometimes people like to call groundwater springwater.  It’s the same thing, but it sounds fancier.  Fancy water can be bottled.  Pick up one of your favorite bottled water brands.  It’s fancy, isn’t it?  It’s the same water you get from your faucet.  Someone is getting rich from selling simple groundwater in a bottle.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will sell.  Or buy.

Right now I’m selling you purity.  Will you buy it?  Will it solve all your problems and make you a happier person?

Yes and no.  Yes, because you will be relieved to bliss out in the great stream of your creative unconscious.  No, because once you find your voice, or have tapped into your creative well, giving it form entails hard, disciplined work.

How can you continually keep the well of your unconscious pure?

Authentically Sincere

To be true to your voice, you have to listen carefully to what comes out of your mind – you have to be authentically sincere.  The definitions, according to Websters:

au-then-tic: adj. 1 that can be believed or accepted; trustworthy; reliable

sin-cere: adj. 1 without deceit, pretense, or hyporcrisy; truthful; straightforward; honest

Darren “Daz” Cox takes up this issue in a post on his blog.  I would argue that in order to be authentic you must first be sincere.  And in order to do this you have to write out the contents of your mind, learn the light of photography, or turn your charcoal drawing of a landscape into a horse.

It is great fun spilling out all of this stuff.  You fall in love with the brush strokes of your own genius – the colt kicks of your creative mind.

In order to paint or write themselves a mind map of where they would like to be, many writers and artists take up journaling.  A journal is a great way of charting the ups and downs of your mind stuff.

And then they may get into the business of selling their work, which entails a whole new outlet of knowing their sincere selves.

Will they dissolve into hypocrisy when the marketplace rejects their authenticity?  Will they parody themselves or simply emulate others?

When you bottle yourself into any form that you wish to sell on the marketplace give yourself the freedom to fail.  I have a novel out right now making the rounds of agents and publishers, and I may never be able to sell it.

Should I quit writing?

Never be afraid to try new things and see what comes out of it.  Then you will always remain pure, fresh, and true to yourself.

But you must at first know the contents of your mind before you can guide this creative stuff into authentic shape and direction.

And if you do not intimately know the capabilities of your creative unconscious someone will come along and give you an instant recipe for wealth, fame, and happiness.

Aquafina, anyone?

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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