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There once was an ugly duckling who did not know his/her beauty…I know you know this story.  It is a time honored tale of separation and returning.  Returning to one’s wild and instinctual ways.

Here’s a bit of the story:

In the reflection in the water he saw a swan in full dress: snowy plumage, sloe eyes, and all.  The ugly duckling did not at first recognize himself, for he looked just like the beautiful strangers, just like those he had admired from afar.

And it turned out that he was one of them after all.  His egg had accidentally rolled into a family of ducks.  He was a swan, a glorius swan.  And for the first time, his own kind came near him and touched him gently and lovingly with their wing tips.  They groomed him with their beaks and swam round and round him in greeting.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

So this is for all of you ugly duckling bloggers out there who aren’t quite sure what direction you’re heading in, or who you really are.  You are Swans.

I send this out most particularily to my friend Karen Swim, who is the author of Words for Hire.  She is a fantastic person who never runs out of the gift of giving -giving -giving.  An eloquent writer and person, I honor her.

She has given me an extra dose of courage to pursue my words and pictures.

It is important to do your own thing; don’t get caught up in chasing the illusion of popularity.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  But your self worth, your self esteem, and your life work, for yourself and others, is the foundation of who you are.  Brick by brick you lay this foundation in your own blogging way.  Why not believe in yourself?  And then maybe the other Swans will show up.  But if not, keep going.

And one by one, because of life and passion and time passing, they all danced away; the young men, the young women, all danced away.  The children and the swans all danced away…leaving just us…and the springtime…and another mother duck down by the river nesting on her eggs. 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Do we ever really know our true value?  Who we may touch?

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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