Freemasons Murder Founding Fathers

Kay Griggs, Virginian historical scholar, did some interesting research regarding the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  (around the 43:00 point in video)

Griggs came up with an original thesis that Thomas Jefferson was a born again Christian the last seven or so years of his life. He was corresponding with John Adams in Massachusetts.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
John Adams

Griggs believes that Jefferson was murdered and it had something to do with the Jew Freemason Kabbalist Admiral Levy who took a mortgage on Jefferson’s house so he could build the University of Virginia.

Admiral Levy
Admiral Levy

Griggs believes the mortgage was a ruse so that he could get Jefferson’s papers, and his correspondence with Adams.

Levy was a weapons dealer and a reserve military officer.

John Paul Jones, the founder of the Navy, was also a Kabbalist, Freemason and a criminal.

John Paul Jones

Lafayette was also a weapons merchant.


Jefferson and Adams were murdered on the same day: July the Fourth. 1826.

An evil demon Freemasonic spell?

According to Griggs, Israel and the Bankers are running guns, Kabbalism, Freemasonry…

Rothschild family owns the Bank of England and leads the European Freemason movement.

George Washington does deals with the Jew Banker Haym Solomon.

It appears that some Founding Fathers were working for the British Elite Banking interests, while some were not, sabotaged, and killed.

Were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Murdered?


Obama and Cameron: Patriots of Israel, Traitors to Their Own Countries

US President Obama went to Israel and said he has a Jewish soul.

British Prime Minister Cameron loves Israel so much that he is a rabid Zionist.

Oy Vey!  Is this why he has sex with pigs?!

That doesn’t sound very Kosher.

Or is it because they are all part of the SECRET SOCIETY DEATH CULTS that place ‘brotherhood’ above else?

Death cults that are ruled by a secret elite and have been for a long time.

Will Americans bow down to a president who bends over backwards to powerful death cult defense contractor masters, or will they decide to change this venomous policy and take control over their OWN COUNTRY by demanding that the FEDERAL RESERVE be ABOLISHED

Ask the hard questions of your congressional and presidential candidates my fellow Americans:

Do you support Israel? What is your policy on Israel?
Will you abolish the Federal Reserve?

Refuse to take crumbs my fellow Americans. Get these parasites out of here, because when all is said and done America will resemble GAZA in PALESTINE while Israel uses all your hard labor to bloat itself up like the huge TICK that it is.

Ticks like to scurry around on your body, undetected, then burrow into your body and suck out your blood.

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