Freemasons Trafficking Children in Lancashire, United Kingdom

Carol Woods worked as a senior social worker in Lancashire, United Kingdom. She started to notice indiscrepancies in the case files of where she worked.   When she brought attention to the information she had uncovered she found herself involved in a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of government.  They took her house and they took her to a psychiatric unit multiple times.  She was constantly harassed.  Because she realized how they hold the global freemasonic power matrix in check.

Mike Todd, chief constable of Greater Manchester police, understood the how the evidence fit together and the gravity of the situation. Carol Woods had contacted him on what was going on.  He thereupon died under mysterious circumstances a few weeks later. Michael Todd was respected and very well liked.  Did this situation contribute to his murder?



“I think an awful lot of money, an awful lot of police time, now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey and you know £60million I saw has been spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse?”

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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