Male Enhancement Formula Alex Jones UPDATED

I used to give Alex Jones, popular alternative talk show host, the benefit of the doubt. I thought, well maybe Alex is working on some counterintelligence project, because he is so obviously CIA…

Maybe even playing that 3D chess,  the theory some in the alternative media/intelligence have made up, which I swear they got from reading MY BOOK, In the Shadow of Shakespeare, which has a scene with Frances Walsingham talking to Christopher Marlowe and challenging him to a game of chess on a three dimensional board he got from Spain.  Anyway, I read that theory of Trump playing 3D chess in order to save the US Republic from traitors and infiltrators and could appreciate the humor of all the world is a stage, art imitates life sort of thing, because clearly so much of what is in the media is FICTION, like Alex Jones the performance artist.

Alex Jones, ‘male man’ of the elite

…who didn’t get rich from selling boat loads of male enhancement formula to all those people who apparently can’t get erections due to all the plastics in the environment (hint, don’t drink bottled water)

Perhaps he just PRETENDS to love Jewish power.

But clearly the male enhanced Alex Jones is most definitely working for the Zionists in all shapes and sizes. He admits being a freemason (many lodges are pro Israel/Zionist) and international freemasonry is run out of the City of London.  And He constantly backs Trump and clearly Trump is a puppet of the Kosher Nostra (Jewish mafia).

And it should be clear to you by now that Trump does not care one iota for the American people.

He is a liar and will continue to lie.

By the way, certain prominent alt media fixtures, one of them being Alex Jones, emerged around the time of the demise of Bill Cooper. Why is that?

Also, for those infatuated with Qanon (who is supposed to be some intelligence asset who knows everything), Bill Cooper was a real Q.  He was in the Office of Naval Intelligence and had a Q clearance.

Alex Jones is currently involved in his Sandy Hook elementary school shooting debacle, claiming firstly that it was all a hoax, but seemingly in hindsight now says that he was suffering from a bought of psychosis when he made those allegations.  An interesting analysis, because this argument reflects a short term psychosis diagnosis, and what we know of Alex Jones, he apparently has been suffering from psychosis for a long time, for instance when he announced that the Russians were invading and marching up the Mississppi River.

With a wide brushstroke, by diagnosing himself as psychotic, he is either strategically or inadvertently painting all people that question the reality of false flags as psychotic, something the Soviets were known to do when people questioned the government.

Alex Jones, actor, is used to disrupt critical thinking people as a strategic agent provocateur of the worst possible kind.



Bill Cooper Was Killed Shortly After Predicting 9/11 and Naming Osama bin Laden as Scapegoat

The Truth About William Cooper and His Death

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Trump: It’s Showtime Folks!

And all that jazz…

William Engdahl is a very good writer. And he’s usually right: Trump is being trotted out like the Reality Show Star that he is.

The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency

Everything in our ‘reality’ is like an orchestrated Hollywood movie. And who runs Hollywood? C’mon.

And who was Donald Trump’s Hollywood agent? Ari Emanuel.

Now we learn from Panamza, the French Investigative website, that Ari Emanuel, brother of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, was the main organizer of the bloody Bataclan concert on Friday the 13th of November 2015 in Paris, France.

Hicham Hamza, French Investigative Journalist, revealed the Israeli origin of this shocking photo of the Bataclan
Hicham Hamza, French Investigative Journalist, revealed the Israeli origin of this shocking photo of the Bataclan

“…Emanuel is a longtime friend of Trump’s. He is also a longtime Democratic fund-raiser and Hillary Clinton supporter. Emanuel did not comment on the substance of the meeting.”

If you think that our so called shared ‘reality’ and Hollywood movies are separate entities, than you haven’t been paying attention.

According to an interview in the Hollywood Reporter, Trump stated that,

“[Ari’s] a very good friend of mine. He calls me a lot. I call him a lot and we talk. He’s very political. Even though he’s not political, he’s political. He gets it. You’re shocked to hear that, right? [About the movie.] But yeah, I might do something with Ari. Does he represent you?”

And so we have the blurring of the lines between the movie and reality. Which is which…Really?

The world script has been written way in advance and the actors and actresses via the puppet politicians on the world stage are in charge of acting it out. Our role as minor characters is to go along with the charade as the script sees fit. Although the directors (financiers of various plot lines) can and do change the script quickly, they maintain the overall plot which is total fascist global control as their overriding theme.


A Nation of Utter and Complete Morons Actually Believes Black-Box “Election Results”

Hollywood producer claims Boston bombing was a “false flag attack”


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Trump; Singing; Chicago; War of 1812; Bankers

Facebook apparently doesn’t like singing in the rain.  They wouldn’t let me post this:




Or was it because I was next to this?




Funny, there seems to be a whole lot of things Facebook doesn’t like.  Like this:



This ‘landmark’ is posted right along the Chicago River.  I’ve noticed other  Native American ‘tributes’ posted along waterways in Michigan.  But that’s another story.

Maybe Facebook doesn’t like settlers, soldiers… And some problems.

Or maybe Facebook just doesn’t like  Fort Dearborn. Or the War of 1812.



Napoleon escapes and Rothschild Makes a Killing

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

The History of Banking Control in the United States

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