Video Games, Modern Art: The ‘Golden Suicides’

Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

Sometimes murder cases just don’t ‘smell right.’ This is one of those cases. This case has a Michigan angle; per usual I have questions about things that are more than a little suspicious.

This story has all the elements of a Live Action Role Play (LARP) along with an embedded long term intelligence asset committed to games and virtual environments (GVEs).  Then, to confuse the narrative, came the movies and popular culture associated with the case…

Background: Jeremy Blake was an artist, with a sketchy bio, who reached prominence via the Museum of Modern Art scene with his time lapse digital animation films. Theresa Duncan, who was from the Detroit area, developed sophisticated story-based video games for girls. She was raised Catholic and he was raised Jewish.

The main narrative of what befell the two lovebirds was that they became paranoid, mainly of Scientologists, and became obsessed with conspiracy theories.  Theresa Duncan commits suicide, and a week later Jeremy follows.  Right on cue the Internet fills up with government plots and murder.

Apparently the modus operandi (MO) for Theresa Duncan’s ‘suicide’ was that she was depressed because of all the people out to get her and the fact that she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted for her projects.

Some suspicions: The medical examiner would not comment on all the chemicals found in Duncan’s blood. Why is that? They give the list of the supposed combination of chemicals that killed her, but everything else is off limits, so what’s up with that?

Allegedly Jeremy Blake was so bereft he killed himself right after the demise of the Theresa Duncan.  Apparently information was released stating that the authorities had found Blake’s clothes and a note mentioning Duncan.

Some more suspicions: So we are to believe that depressed Jeremy Blake neatly folded his clothes, left his wallet, and dramatically walked into the ocean. And some ‘anonymous’ female caller reported this? There is no such thing as ‘anonymous’ regarding phones calls anymore. Someone has the record of the call. Then we are told a fishermen found his body. Who is this fishermen? You would think the news media would be out there in a heart beat to interview this guy for such a sensational art world dual lovers suicide story. Nope. Stone cold silence.

Apparently Jeremy Blake had previously dated Anna Gaskell.  An artist quite familiar with the Tony Podesta crowd. An artist whose style is disturbingly reminiscent of mind control, disassociation, torture and rape.

Anna Gaskell, untitled #26 (override), 1997; Chromogenic print print mounted on Plexiglas, 15 1/4 x 23 5/8 in.; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of The Heather and Tony Podesta Collection; © Anna Gaskell


Jeremy Blake met Anna Gaskell at the Art Institute of Chicago. They dated for approximately a year.

James Cownie

He began dropping tid-bits of information to Theresa Duncan regarding Anna Gaskell and her adopted father, James Cownie (from Iowa), and his business relationships.

Anna Gaskell

These informational ‘tid-bits’ served to fuel Duncan’s investigation into conspiracies, pedophile rings, and mind control. He told Duncan that “Cownie frequently made jokes about child molestation as a “training” tool.” And also that, “Then there were the mobster “friends” in Las Vegas who comped Mr. Wit [Jeremy] and Ms. Gaskell with an eye roll and a groan when they mentioned Cownie’s name at the front desk, as he had instructed them to do.” In addition to the Gaskell orphans, Cownie has four or five biological children.

The oldest male Cownie child, then a teenager, even bragged to Mr. Wit [Jeremy] during one visit “My Dad’s going to get me in the CIA!” This information relayed to her via Jeremy Blake was mysteriously deleted from her blog, Wit of a Staircase.

Jeremy Blake also accused popular commentator Reza Aslan of talking to him about his FBI records and of having what he thought was classified info on him:

“Also during this time, someone named Reza Aslan, a Muslim “scholar” and friend of a friend who attended school in Iowa came to my house in Venice, CA and freely chatted about an FBI file of mine he seemed vividly aware of, even though at that time I myself did not know such a file existed. A consequent FOIA filing revealed his “magic” knowledge of these documents to be true.”

Interesting that Jeremy Blake specifically singles out Iowa, because apparently Reza Aslan went to at least three universities and is affiliated with many councils and advocacy groups. Was he trying to tie-in the Jim Cownie/Gosch CIA association? Johnny Gosch was the paperboy abducted in Iowa.

Jeremy Blake also wanted to get on the Alex Jones Show and discuss Scientology and 9/11 theories and how he was going to make art about it. Alex surely would have been keen on that. Because Alex still believes Muslims with box cutters did 9/11.

Was Jeremy Blake (a possible honey trap) and associated intelligence assets trying to drive Theresa Duncan crazy? Was he a long term Mossad/CIA asset?

Was Theresa Duncan murdered because she was too much of an ‘influencer’? Too intelligent, too perceptive, too popular…too much of a loose cannon?  She was cutting edge making video games for girls and filling a niche like no one else…

Duncan drew on her childhood in the Midwest and a deep interest in children’s stories for her work on Chop Suey, an offbeat, interactive daydream set in Cortland, Ohio, Smarty, an educational archaeology, and Zero Zero, an adventure set in Paris at the turn of 1900. All of these titles were intensely collaborative, involving a whole community of creators…”

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