Funding for Satanic Art

Robert Mapplethorpe was a Satanist. And that was his claim to fame. That was his cover and he greatly profited, materially, from it.

Mapplethorpe had also ordered a hit on photographer Ronald Sisman who had snuff videos that he wanted concealed. This, apparently, is the endgame of the whole Satanic ‘art genre.’

In Philadelphia they mourn Robert Mapplethorpe and wish for more funding for their Satanic art projects.

“Spurred on by Congress’s attempt to cut national arts funding following a controversial Robert Mapplethorpe photography exhibit organized in Philadelphia, Randy has been urging people to “Do Blue!” in support of Philadelphia arts and arts funding since 1989.” (1)

Artists understand symbolism. So do occultists. Eggs figure prominently in occultism. Here we see a bowl of black eggs.

Here we see the occultist, Aleister Crowley, with a black egg between his legs.


“But Randy had a magical surprise up his always blue sleeve – one we planned to interview him about later this year: His Blue Grotto art environment.” (2)

A magical surprise and a blue grotto.

Aleister Crowley’s Blue Equinox book was a treatise describing his aims for the occult societies under his control at the time.

Philadelphia playwright Jeffrey Stanley has written a play, Beautiful Zion: A Book of the Dead, which deals with a ‘hell room’ and seances. A walk through of the set brings one to the Blue Grotto. (3)

The Blue Grotto also features a ‘fading photo’ of Holly Maddux on the wall. (4) She used to live in Philadelphia with her boyfriend, ‘Mr Earth Day, Ira Einhorn’, who was convicted of her brutal murder.


Jeffrey Stanley has won many awards and honors.

The Fruit from the Devil’s Tree

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the fruit never falls far from the tree. At the top of the tree there is Art in Embassies Program run by the US State Department. This same state department ‘lost’ all the cards from serial killer John Norman’s client list after the police handed the cards over to them. Cards that contained high profile people in the US government. (5) The Art in Embassies program was the idea of the Rockefeller family, who wanted to establish their assets in American intelligence to promote culture. Multiple historians have confirmed that this program is intertwined with American intelligence and in not just a ‘cultural program’ per the official narrative description. (6)

Connections also reveal that Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis and company use contemporary art and occult rituals to further the goals of this trafficking ring, which is loosely supported by American and British intelligence, along with the oligarchic Rockefeller and Rothschild families. (7)

Then of course there was the infamous ‘spirit cooking’ email to Heather and Tony Podesta. Spirit Cooking is an occult ritualized performance utilizing large quantities of blood—bloody ritual steeped in Satanism and the occult. (8)

Tony Podesta is one of the top art collectors in the world and leaked emails suggest that Tony Podesta and John Alefantis are involved in an organized crime operation and are trafficking blood within the confines of their MK Ultra art dealings. (9)



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