Spontaneous Memoir Meme

Hopscotch, copyright Ellen Wilson

What time is it?  It’s meme time!

Recently I returned from Vermont to find the lovely Sandie Law of Geeked Off! tagged me with a meme.  Sandie likes to talk of all things geeky and wonderful and since I would like to indulge her in her quest for all things geeky, I will participate.  Sandie is also the author of Macaroni and Peas, a wonderful website dedicated to informing you how to get your kids to eat healthy foods on the quick and on a budget.

The name of the game is that you have to write a six word memoir phrase (jingle of words – whatever) and then tag five other people.

Why should we play?  Links are nice to get.  They improve your Google rating so people can find you, love you, and subsequently worship you.  Maybe not in that order.

Here’s mine:  Energy being dancing through space time.

Some of you will say Ahhh!  Some of you will say Wha?!!! And some of you might say, “Ellen, is this another one of your Zen things?”

To be a bit more definitive and solid I will say that the spontaneity of street photography holds much appeal for me.  I started out as a wildlife/nature photographer, but I am increasingly drawn to the funky fluidness of the street.  I like the expressions on people’s faces, odd social interactions, and the moments that capture our humaness.  With that said, let the tagging procedures begin!

First of all, I will tag Axe City of Design Interval because I heard him (I think you’re a he Axe, correct me if I’m wrong) saying that he wanted to remember forever in eternity the last word he wrote on his last exam paper at the University.  This strikes me as a noble goal and very interesting.  Second of all, I would like to tag Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without a Blog because that endeavor is very much like the sound of one hand clapping.  Plus, Barbara likes to promote bloggers on her blog and that is a very nice thing to do.  Someone should promote her, too.  Thirdly, there is Vered, of MomGrind, who is apparently jetsetting around the world and making me terribly jealous.  Now I know why my Google Analytics map of the world is lit up.  Take care, Vered, and we are all looking forward to your travel stories.  Fourthly, I will tag Stephanie of In Other Words who writes great fiction among many other honest things.  If you don’t think great fiction is about honesty than I challenge you to write some!  And last but not least, there is Karen Swim of Words for Hire, who I is on a vision quest for the truth in all things.  You rock, Karen!

There.  Said and done.  And in the words of Mr. Rogers:

Propel propel propel your craft

down the aqueous solution

verily verily verily

life is but an illusion

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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