Let’s Talk the OCCK

The Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) case is an old cold case involving the serial murders of four children.

A person in the comment section made some interesting observations. This person obviously knows quite a bit about this case. And other cases related to it. What follows is an excerpt from the comment.

If you haven’t studied this case this excerpt will sound like gibberish to you. So go do your homework and come back to this area of the case of which this person is discussing.

The Gorzen reports may refer to this case:


The court stated at the sentencing:

“I would like to say, Mr. Gorzen, I had in mind of giving you quite a bit more time than that, but my conferences with your lawyer, and various recommendations you’ve got, I did lower the minimum considerably from what I had in mind.” (Emphasis added.)

That is interesting. What information did Mr. Gorzen give to lower his sentence?

This case may be related to the Tonia Renee Stiles case. In the span of a few weeks, Tonia Renee Stiles, aka Renee Whitehill, disappeared and her boyfriend Scott Cassidy, allegedly killed himself in the Jackson County jail. Which seems rather difficult to do seeing they take all dangerous personal affects off of you before they put you in cell.

The Church of the New Revelation guy present could possibly be Wayne Forest West¹, seasoned cultic adept, who was present at the ‘deflowering of little E,’ which was possibly Etan Patz.

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