Our Lady was Right: The Bolshevik ‘Revolution’

The year was 1917. Three little children had visions of the Virgin Mary in Portugal.  The visions spoke of the errors of Russia spreading all over the world. Meanwhile, in Russia, a mass ‘revolution’ was taking place.

This revolution is not well understood by Westerners, because it’s not taught unless you specialize in history in this part of the world.  You must learn about it to understand its significance in the historical context of world events and paradigms that are enacted today.

Ask yourself why we have a ‘president’ who is totally in bed with, and owned by, the Russian Jewish (Khazarian) Mafia.



The Bolshevik Revolution – Darkness Descends


Blockbuster: The Secret Cohen Investigation, Why the Public Only Got “the Sideshow”

“It’s not about Cohen. It’s not even really about Trump. It’s about bringing the whole gang down from A to Z, including all those that helped and protected them. The US security orgs will have some soul searching to do.”


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