The Long Haul

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for the U.P. 200 or the Iditarod, there are many factors that you must take into account:

Your Dogs
Mushers know their dogs. Dogs will make you or break you in a race. Each dog has a distinct personality, and each dog has its own favored set off conditions. Some work well in a leader position, and some would prefer to be in the back. But each dog must work perfectly in tandem with every other dog.

Are you prepared for the long haul? Do you understand your writing dogs? Perhaps one of your dogs likes writing in the morning, while another would rather surf the Net when distracted with frustration. Learn to haul your dogs in so they all work in tandem, or else they will snap and bicker among themselves. Each dog must be placed according to its greatest strength.

The Weather
Sled dogs love the snow; they are bred for it. It doesn’t matter if they are Alaskan Malamutes, or Siberian Huskies, they will run in the snow all day long. So it is with writers, we love to write. But are you prepared for all kinds of weather? How will you suffer rejection, or lack of initiative? You will face both of these scenarios as a writer and you must get used to these conditions. Learn to write in all kinds of weather and you will be proud that you did.

The Trail
Ideally, mushers know the trail they will be traversing like the back of their hand. But it isn’t always so. Sometimes they must rely on their dogs to get them through some tough terrain.

When you start freelancing you will not know the trail like you would like. But if you take care with your writing dogs, they will run ahead and sniff out any potholes or quagmires you might run into. And if you treat them well, they will act as the instinctual force to protect you from future danger.

Fine Tuning for the Race
Awhile back I compiled my laundry list of objectives of where I will concentrate my writing efforts. I am quite busy writing online, for magazines, and finishing my novel. There is also the photography aspect of my business I must attend to. I am now in the process of adjusting this list.

Elance is a bidding site that I have been considering dropping. I have been compiling a week long survey of the ratio of jobs to providers of which I will share the results with you soon.

I am looking into the greatest payoff for the least effort. All natural beings work like this. No one wants to be worked like a dog.

Incidentally, a leader dog of freelance job web sites: Deb Ng. She definitely goes the distance in posting you new job leads in all kinds of weather.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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