The Pirate Nun

Mother Angelica

I used to watch Mother Angelica. I called her the Pirate Nun. I liked the way she would soothingly speak of Jesus and the saints. It was nice. Comforting. Then, out of no where she would burst into a tirade of scorn and derision, her shrill, stacatto voice bulleting the negative points of young girls dressed like sluts and whores in their short, tight skirts. I would laugh, thinking this nun is probably jealous because she wants to wear short skirts.

Now I know better.

There is something inherently more pleasing in modesty. There is an integrity and self assurance in not letting ‘it all hang out.’

Mother Anglica is dead now. But I’m sure she is still busy praying for all those immodest girls in their short, tight skirts and their ‘letting it all hang out’ ways.

God Bless her.



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