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Make a Lightbox

A lightbox is a photographic tool for shooting photos in evenly diffused light.  Lightboxes are often used in advertising photography to present a clean, crisp image. I recorded the steps of constructing a lightbox to demonstrate how simple it is … Continue reading

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Interpreting Art

And what do you think? No, no.  What do you think?  I think it’s strange.  Great.  Abominable.  I love it!  Throughout our knuckle dragging history we have always been fascinated with portraying the world around us.  From the caves of … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of a Glass Half Full

Wine! You will say, “Alright already, fill the glass up.  Who wants to be cheated with half a glass?” The more moderate of you will say, “Of course half full is good.  That is the middle way.” This post is … Continue reading

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