Marion Pettie, the Finders and Montauk

What the CIA Finders cult was was essentially part of the MKUltra program honed and refined after WWII.

There has always been human sacrifice in the dark occult, and it was promoted and developed along with its mind control aspects on an industrial scale after WWII. This was because the scientists associated with the program along with various physics and psychic research came to the US after the war in a world wide divvying up of talent. In the US it was called Project Paperclip. This was part of the aspect of the military industrial complex that President Kennedy knew about and attempted to warn the public about.
These programs are all related and many are fused together. We are taught that they are separate disciplines but really they are not.

The leader of the Finders group was Marion Pettie.  He basically was the master of the games being spun out of this particular program. In the CIA operations are called ‘fun and games.’ Marion Pettie may have been fleshing out what is now known as Live Action Role Play (LARP).

“The Finders have more-or-less rational explanations for even the most bizarre behavior attributed to them, especially in the context of a group that exists to challenge social paradigms. Even the goat sacrifices, known as “Goatgate”to the group, have been attributed to the Finders just play-acting at being witches and warlocks, another “game” to dumbfound lookers-on.”

Indeed, he was also involved with computers and networks and it is quite obvious to anyone paying attention that in thia age of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) it is quite easy to run LARPS on the unsuspecting public.”

Apparently Marion Pettie was introduced to the Office of Strategic Services, (OSS, pre-CIA) through Nick Van Neumann, John Van Neuman’s brother. John Von Neumann was probably one of the most intelligent physicists and computer scientists ever to walk the face of the Earth. Legend has it that as he was working along side Einstein he used to play Prussian marching music to piss him off. Von Neumann was a National Socialist while Einstein’s political views were more Zionist in nature. Thus Einstein became the poster child of modern physics and quantum mechanics.

John Von Neumann, a National Socialist and the Superior Scientist.
Albert Einstein. The smiley face of Zionism.

Albert Einstein and John Von Neumann were believed to be involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix Project.

Marion Pettie then met Charles E Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of that time period. Marsh’s mentor was the infamous Edward Mandell House, who had negotiated the Versailles Treaty and was a confidante of President Woodrow Wilson, the president who sold America out to the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned banking cartel.

Marsh gave Pettie money to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Culpeper County, Virginia. Interestingly, the CIA’s training grounds are called ‘the Farm’ and are located in Virginia.

Marrion Pettie’s son also worked for Air America, a CIA cut-out company. It is unknown if he was a pilot or worked in some other capacity. Air America most likely was used to transport illegal contraband such as drugs and/or humans.

It was Ted Gunderson who discovered the Finder’s Network of operations when he was working the Franklin Cover-Up case.  He was called in as lead investigator on Franklin when private investigator, Gary Caridori, who just had a major break through on the case was murdered in a plane crash along with his eight year old son shortly after takeoff out of Chicago.

It is believed that these cases involve an ongoing international pedophile/murder racket/ring, intelligence services and corporations/banks that are intertwined in a worldwide network of dark occult murders.

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All Roads Lead to Montauk

The saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’ was based on a centralized power base. It was meant to trace back everything in the civilized world back to it’s original source: Rome.

And like Rome, the origins and source of the deep state can be traced to Montauk.  Hidden from the people of the world with it’s secret projects and agendas, Montauk is a word that those who investigate the unthinkable in government and control agendas conjures up much more than a sleepy little town at the tip of Long Island, New York. It is tainted with the sinister.

What is Montauk? Montauk at it’s essence was secret projects, still funded today at universities and elsewhere by corporations and defense contractors. Projects you will never know about because the deep state wants it that way. These projects involve secret technology way advanced of what we are ‘allowed’ to see. Ultimately it not only involves control of space, but also of mind — of consciousness.

It is a story of a consolidation of power, where the rise of military power in the US was used as a weapon to dominate and intimidate other countries under the guise of ‘fighting communism.’ Because quite frankly, the deep state likes to play both sides off each other, which usually involves the ‘free’ USA and those ‘oppressed’ countries needing to be saved (aka countries who are not subservient to the banks).

And so like a bee to a hive, a soldier to a gun, all roads connect and lead to Montauk.
It can be argued that this is where the deep state became unhinged and went wild. This state of affairs is precisely what Eisenhower warned us of when he said the military industrial complex had taken over.

So sit back and fasten you seat belts and get ready to learn of the history you’ve never been taught in your textbook or lectures at school.

This series is for the curious, for those left hungry for knowledge after what was served up prepacked in school like a bland Ronald McDonald happy meal with shrieking orange hair which was designed to malnourish and divert.

We will examine these technologies that were developed and how they might be playing out now and in the future.

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