Detective Rothstein: Stop Sex Trafficking? Simple!

I have the greatest respect for Detective James Rothstein, a detective that was told to ‘stand down’ and not go any further in high profile cases. Well, with his experience he figured a way around all that. He came up with a complete plan working with Noreen Gosch during her son’s abduction. Mothers, take note, we are the ones with all the power!

Human Compromise, Government Overhaul w/ Detective Rothstein related documents and information.

Prostitutes From Midwest Vanish From 8th Avenue During Hunt by Visiting Police

Former NYPD Human-Trafficking Detective Discusses Relevance of PizzaGate & More

Article: Human Compromise and the Protection Racket

Sex Trafficking is not “Minnesota Nice”

Detective Rothstein mentions the Jacob Wetterling case in Minnesota which Sarah Westall talks about with three investigators in these videos:


Dismembered male child found floating in Mississippi River in 1990 Jacob Wetterling?

I used to live in Minnesota when I was a kid. I was almost abducted in the Falcon Heights area in 1969-71 during the spring or summer when I was around four or five. I cannot remember the exact apartment complex, and I’m sure much has changed, and it might not exist anymore, but from what I remember you could see the fairground from the back of our apartment. I believe it must have been university housing. My dad was getting his Masters in Fine Art at the University of Minnesota.

I was playing with my friend and we were trying to climb the sign in front of the apartment complex. A man appeared, smiling (white, around 40 to 50 years old, grayish dark hair, was wearing glasses, and he may have been wearing a dark blue windbreaker) and asked if I wanted help getting up on the sign. My friend ran away, while I let this guy help me up to sit on the sign. He then helped me down, and holding me in his arms asked if I wanted to go across the street and we could get some candy. I said no, my mom doesn’t want me to go off with strangers. He then deliberated for a few seconds looking off into the distance, down the street running along the side of the apartment complex. I began to feel afraid.  My mom then appeared and yelled my name.

I have no idea if she ever contacted the authorities about this incident because she never told me.  And I never asked.

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Blackmail Pedophile Rings: Epstein, Trump, Derschowitz etc….

The perversion of innocence and ruining of lives

The kind you have with young teenagers. Who is this man?  This man is Jeffrey Epstein. Have you heard of this man?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane
Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

My friends, this man, got away with destroying hundreds of young girls lives. You must read about him. Imagine if one of these girls was your daughter.  How would you feel? Don’t we have a duty to protect these girls?

Somewhere in the Bible we have some verse that talks about an eye for an eye. There must be justice. We no longer have justice in the United States of America, if we ever did. This man, Jeffrey Epstein, had, and has, some very powerful friends. Among them not only include our bizarre president, Donald Trump. But Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, who not only flew, like Donald Trump, to Epstein’s pervert private island to, most likely, have sex with teenagers, but then also defended the disgusting pedophile pervert, Jefferey Epstein, in court.

Alan Dershowitz

My friends, do you not think this is beyond bizarre? We must do something about it. Why do we have a justice system that only works for the rich, like Jeffery Epstein? And then puts everyone else in jail over mainly drug charges (heroin) that the CIA ships over in planes from Afghanistan to get us addicted. Is this not messed up? You bet it is!

It must stop and we must speak the truth about it. Whenever we can. Do not be afraid my friends, God is with you. And loves the truth, and justice. Like you should.

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Hate Speech And Group Sex | How Jones, Stone, Kissinger and Co are Linked

Roger Stone and Alex Jones
Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump


“Let’s look who’s around Alex Jones, the main propaganda outlet for the Israeli firster, Donald Trump, who’s basically making Benjamin Netanyahu the President of the United States and all that Benjamin Netanyahu represents…”

“…1973 to 1979 when the set-up really got going for the complete infiltration of the United States, it was a Soviet era, Soviet penetration program. It’s communist. We understand communist as another name for another Rothschild angle. So the communist, Talmudic supremacist doctrine of world takeover will adopt a capitalist look…”

“I’m trying to link these pedophile rings, and these sex group orgies, with Benjamin Netanyahu, and the control mechanism, and the history of Pollard and the set up under Kissinger, who was a notorius sex pedophile…”

“When we talk about Eptein and pedophile rings, we have Hollywood, we have Netanyahu…Israeli intelligence runs Hollywood via their control of drugs and prostitution rings…the pedophile rings are run by Israel…”

“The same crowd that are hanging with Kissinger, is the same crowd hanging with Trump right now and it’s all got to do with sexual perversion, it’s got to do with group sex…”



Press and the Militarization of Fakery

Director James Gunn and the #MeToo movement Under the Spotlight

Male Enhancement Formula Alex Jones


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