The OCCK Psychic

Philip Jordan, Psychic Investigator

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Detective Robertson decided that the task force should turn to a psychic for help to help solve the OCCK case. They contacted CIA/DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) asset Dr Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) for help. Pioneering work in psychic research had been done by Targ, Hal Puthoff, and Andrija (Henry) Puharich. These men were largely making the occult and all things psychic mainstream, much to the delight of corporate America.

As written in the report it states that Targ advised them they should contact Mr Karliss Ogis of the American Society for Psychological Research. Perhaps this a Freudian slip in the notes, but it should be stated that it is the American Society for Psychical Research.

They decided to use Philip Jordan of New York, who was a special deputy sheriff with the Tioga County Sheriffs Department, New York and had had some success in solving cases for them. During this time, the Daily News had requested he work on the Son of Sam case, and he was waiting to hear back from them on this venture.

Philip Jordan tapped into some very intriguing information that would correlate with various facets of the case; in particular, the rope art work Helen Dagner described on John Hasting’s wall.

They dubbed it ‘Operation ESP’ just like a military type op. At the end of this ‘operation’ Detective Robertson felt it was all about ‘feelings’ and ‘innuendos.’ He noted that, “After a complete review of Operation ESP, it is felt that nothing further can be gained by spending additional time on information that cannot be pinpointed.”

Why they decided to use a psychic and never follow up on any of these very pertinent leads is anyone’s guess. Perhaps because he was the point man for the military industrial complex Detective Robert Robinson knew it was all a show.

Psychic Philip Jordan stressed that he felt it was very important to investigate details and evidence surrounding the first victim, Mark Stebbins. He felt that this particular abduction was very well thought out.

Most likely there were connections to people associated with the American Legion Hall, the last place victim Mark Stebbins was seen.  These same people may be associated with the other three children’s abductions and murders.  The comings and goings of the people associated with that hall should be investigated, along with their inter-relationships.


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