Israel, too White, too Jewish?

Are your ancestors European? Would you like to go back and visit your roots? HALT! You are probably too white and won’t be welcome. Yes, sorry, but according to some Jews Europeans are too white and this dangerous white supremacy trend must be stopped. Why? Because they said so!

That’s what some Jews (mainly in America) like to say about Europe. But ironically they also like to say they aren’t white when they live in America (because it’s convenient for them to say that here).

But hold on, they also like to say that Israel is special but A they don’t particularly like black people there and B don’t want any of the immigrants they push on everyone else.

Zionist Christians are their main supporters of Israel in the US, and they also tend to be the most nationalist.  Which at first glance may seem strange, but the powers that be exploit this situation to make people angry and yes, you guessed it, create more ‘anti-semitism,’ (a highly weaponized word if there every was one) than existed in the first place.  They then use this anti-semitism to clamp down on people and take away their rights.  So guess who wins? Yes! The Zionists!

And the Zionists also like to keep you in this perpetual Zionist versus Anti-Zionist argument, of which both sides they control.

Ashkenazi Jews are not white – Response to Haaretz article



Christian Zionism: The Heresy of Choice for Neocons

Israeli Government openly exports African illegal immigrants to Sweden

But, not all Jews feel this way.  Zionists are what we mainly see in the media. Torah Jews do not believe this. But why don’t we hear their voices? Is it because Zionists don’t want us to?

Riots in Israel After European (fake) Jews Murder Semitic Jews (Ethiopian)

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The Stupid Greater Israel Project

Recently Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu said that Sweden’s Margot Wallstrom’s call for a probe into Israelis killing Palestinians is stupid.

Of course, non-gullible Goyim know that Netanyahu and the Rothschild pet playground of Israel are the stupid ones.

How do we know this?

Because they are either 1. Killing nearly everyone in the Middle East with their psychopath buddies in Saudi Arabia and Turkey with their Bitch the USA’s military and 2. Flooding Europe with millions of refugees due to these fake post 9/11 ‘wars.’

No worries Europeans. Israel has its Wisconsin Jew woman mensch, Barbara Spectre to solve all your problems by leading the way for European diversity, because apparently you guys simply aren’t multicultural enough.

Also everyone is supposed to be pissed off at Arabs now because a bunch of not so secret agent provocateur fake Muslims are abusing women?

Well you see, some Jews in general and Israel in particular know they have a big problem. That problem being population dynamics. In their case they are going to wind up like the Cheetah. A species that is considered in a genetic diversity bottleneck.

That’s why they need their Greater Israel Project. So they don’t go extinct and can survive as an empire by recruiting ‘new Jew blood’ so to speak.

Their strategy then is to rule the world with maybe the Vatican who is a club of old men in frocks whom a great many seem to like little boys. And, unlike Israel,  apparently don’t seem to have a problem with recruitment.

They will accomplish this by continually dumbing us down and turning us into a pastey brown color while they rule everyone from their empire base being The USA, the City of London and the Vatican.

So if they are isolated because no one wants to become part of their club because their chosen person philosophy sets them up for disgust and derision–so be it. Unless they get off their high horse and join the rest of humanity they will increasingly find themselves isolated.

Israel, like the spoiled rotten chosen golden child that it is, will not stop killing people to get exactly what it wants.

It has not yet learned, emotionally and spiritually to get a long with the rest of the world, and this my friends, is the real problem.

stupid greater israel project

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