The Making of Max Spiers

max spiers
Max Spiers. Saint? Sinner? Or something else?

Recently I was banned from the Bases Project on Facebook for criticizing the angelic and apparently recently beatified Max Spiers.


You see, Max Spiers was on his way to becoming Jesus. At least a lot of people thought so.  And apparently still think so.

Max Spiers | Where Truth Meets Heart. “I believe Max Spiers is truly connected with The Christ energy, and he is accessible at any time. I believe you can find him in your heart, you can feel his spirit.”

Max Spiers was/is an intelligent asset heavily handled by British spooks. He was cultivated into a particular personality.

He was paired with Sarah Adams. Kind of like Kim and Kanye. How cute! People can’t resist such a cute couple. I know I’d flip on my my TV to watch them go shopping and talk about UFOs all day long. I’d probably even buy the t-shirt.

There is very little evidence to back up who or what Max really is. Is he really dead?

Always ask the question who does this really serve.  Because in the intelligence game it always serves some agenda.

And if you can believe the Max Spiers game you can believe any false flag they throw at you…Like 9/11, and etc ad infinitum.

This site tells us about some of his acting skills:

“Max quickly fell into drug addiction and alcoholism and Orlando’s career bloomed. Both men also studied drama at the same school in London before Max left for addiction issues and both men also auditioned for the same role Orlando eventually won for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

Something that Stewart Swerdlow can attest to,  “…To be honest, Max was a bit of a drug addict, alcoholic and chain smoker. Basically, he destroyed his own mind and body. I saw this the last 2 times I was with him. Yes, it is sad, but this had nothing to do with mind-control or Illuminati. It had to do with Max’s addictive personality.”

Max Spiers is/was a pawn in an intelligence game. A low level player trotted out to entertain the masses.

HARD TRUTH: THE ARTICLE | The Tabloid  Culture of the ‘Truth’ Media



In this NEO article we find out about the surveillance state and all of its corporate McShadiness.  A place where, “…charismatic critical thinkers have a higher threat profile than terrorist bomb makers.”

The Live Action Role Play (LARP) Porno Players

James Casbolt aka as Michael Prince and Max Spiers were buddies before Casbolt’s demise…

What did James Casbolt know? 

Apparently some of James Casbolt’s information can be verified. What James Casbolt says about MI6 being the lords of the Global Drug Trade makes perfect sense, especially when you research the connections between the East India Company, opium trafficking, and the British Empire.

‘Opium financed British rule in India’

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Trump, Blackwater and the Butcher of Kabul






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Godless Communists

Reagan was fond of calling the Russians ‘godless communists.’

Many Americans were fond of calling Reagan a stupid idiot puppet who had his strings yanked by puppet master Bush.

Reagan and Puppet Master daddy Bush, former director of the CIA

But like many movie actors he made many gullible patriot Americans fall in love with him.


You see, the military industrial complex aka known as the Pentagon (full of rising star people of questionable sexuality), needs an enemy to hate. And currently they are busy trying to start another cold war with the Russians, which many, like end of days, rapture, armageddon fantacist fanatics, would like to whip into a hot war.

That way they can make a LOT of money making weapons and killing people. And defense contractors are happy to go along with the Bankers–the real enemy of the people.

The CIA is fond of installing puppet governments for its Corporate Master Banker Friends, because that is who they really work for. Other countries do not like it, but that doesn’t bother the CIA, of whom many of its agents are people a bit MKUltra’ed and crispy around the edges. So they carve up countries according to their Master’s to do list.

Some people are worried that Putin is a NWO agent. But so far he seems like he is on the up and up and most Russian people like him so we give him the benefit of the doubt.

Remember, Russia became infested with Bolsheviks, and they are enduringly evil parasites that are hard to get rid of. The Bolsheviks managed to kill millions of Russians before they stopped them.

We leave it to the Russian people to work on their own government by the rule of law, just like we are supposed to do in the USA, and not meddle with other countries, like the CIA and their mercenary friends are fond of doing.

Putin is fond of extolling the virtues of the rule of law and national sovereignty. And he is correct in this moral idea.

By the way, the people in Syria also like their President Assad.  And Russia, their ally, is trying to help him out by getting rid of fake ISIS/ISIL/Daesh what ever the flavor of the day group the CIA/Mossad/Saudis make and bake…So we see a connection here.

And it was the CIA and its friends who did the Sarin gas stunt…Not Assad.

So the moral of the story is that the CIA is not very moral.



Bolshevik Bloated Tick Filled With Blood



NEO- Putin’s New World Order Versus the West’s


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