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Money Doesn’t Exist

There are is no such things as money or ‘banks.’ Only people who can be controlled get moved up in the chess game as kings, queens or bishops — what some propagandists refer to as 5D chess.  Basically,  the rest … Continue reading

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Bankers Wars: It’s What We do Best

Forget Hitler. Look at the International Bankers and what they really wanted accomplished during WWI and WWII. The Brits, after being infiltrated by the International Banking Jewry, found themselves floundering economically. Their far flung ’empire’ was expensive to maintain, kind … Continue reading

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Clients That Don’t Pay

It happens.  Recently it happened to me.  But I got my money. So what did I do? Oh I sat there for awhile, contemplating small claims court and the hassle that entails.  But like Dylan Thomas raging against the dying … Continue reading

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