The Modernism Murder Mo of the Robison Family

The Robison family was murdered in Good Hart, Michigan in 1968 around the summer solstice. Investigators were never really sure of the exact date, because they were found in their summer home a month later, putrefying, as someone had locked the door and turned up the heat.

Investigators never solved the case.  Or maybe they did, but didn’t get a chance to get it before court because the chief prosecutor threw it out. Why?  I think because he knew he shouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole once he got a look at what detectives had compiled as evidence.  He most likely made a few queries into the background of what was really going on and took it off the court case menu — yes, 86d it, because he had been served this entree before at the Nuremberg trials and apparently knew the combining and mixing of ingredients that the powerful families had concocted and didn’t want the rest of the world to sample a taste of what was really going on with the powers that be. Nope. Because quite frankly, he probably didn’t want to find himself as a dish served up cold and 6 feet under.

You see, Richard Robison was an ad man and an artist. He also had a very popular magazine called Impresario which was devoted to arts and culture in the Detroit area.  I took the time to dig up some of these old copies of Impresario and found out what kind of person Robison really was.  It turns out that Robison had some very interesting ideas  about art and culture:

“A long time ago the writer was aware of an ambition that was in the process of burning a hole in the mind’s conscience over the apparent lack of ethics on the part of both so-called artists and dealers of art.”

                                                                                                                                                                      As you can see from perusing the above page, he was very well schooled in the Modernist takeover and was trying to stop it.  The Modernist project was greatly facilitated by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was a Intelligence Project concocted by the CIA, British Intel, and Russian agents.  If you think this a bizarre Intel combination just remember that the bankers subsidized the war in Russia and then turned around and financed the war in Germany.  Once the Russian apparatus of communist control was completely installed, it was then used as a cultural weapon to control populations by degrading their culture and morals.  Thus the rise of ridiculous Modern Art and other culturally undesirable things such as an emphasis on abortion, homosexuality and degenerate music as something to promote as culturally desirable.  This communist system was then also imported to China by the bankers and their associated military and Intelligence groups.

You can bet that the powerful did not want upstart Robison upsetting their carefully laid plans for controlling the population via their Intelligence Modern Art Project.

Richard Robison was also interested in transportation design, traffic flow and energy issues within the city of Detroit.

From the Detroit Free Press, October 30, 1965:

Common Council moved a step closer to a $3 million Teletrans test mile Friday after reeling through a hit-and-run hearing on rapid transit plans from around the country. The Council sat through a two-hour hubbub on competing transportation plans before Teletrans developer Marvin Stevens proposed a test track on Woodward from the State Fair grounds to Seven Mile. The track would be financed without direct cost to the City. Teletrans Is a computer -controlled system for carrying passengers In private cabs through surface or overhead tubes. So far the system is untested. The Council asked Stevens to bring In a contract on the test tracks Dec. 8 for City lawyers to examine. If it is approved, Teletrans developers could apply for two-thirds Federal financing from the Housing and Home Finance Agency. Stevens said the remaining third would come from suppliers involved in the construction. THE SAME invitation was made to other transit representatives at the hearing, but Teletrans the only system to bring in a specific proposal clearly had an edge with the Council. “My mind is pretty well made up on one system, if it proves feasible,” said Council President Ed Carey. “All these facts will only confuse me.” Councilman James H. Brickley, pointing out the Council’s bafflement at the barrage of technical terms, grandiose schemes and high-speed salesmanship, renewed his call to revive the Rapid Transit Commission to analyze transit schemes.  “I want to get off,” Brickley said. “We need a staff man to take this information and boil, it down.”

From the magazine Impresario:

In fact, the Cultural Centers have been removed from the heart of the population, because a culture cannot sustain itself with vapid, banal and stupefying Modern Art!  The culture loses its heart; it loses its very soul.

As you know the wealthy families and their Intelligence agency lackeys really don’t want the public having any benefit that they are not in control of.  And this would have been a particular sore spot for them. Imagine if everyone caught onto this idea and it spread throughout the world.  Not good for Rockefeller, Harriman and etc banker Industrialists. No indeed.

Tavistock in London, closely aligned with Edward Bernays, was clearly plotting and devising ways to control Americans — brainwash, dumb down and culturally train them into stupidity.  This is a much more effective way of controlling a population then using force.  Tavistock is also involved with drugs, Satanic art and pedophile rings.

Richard Robison was a Freemason, and perhaps during this point in time there were still lodges around that were working on this type of project in order to stave of the forces of Modernism and Communism that were leaking into America.  If so, perhaps he suffered the fate of Mozart, another artistic Freemason.

The key to unraveling this case is figuring out who these investors are in the Teletrans project.  Who didn’t want this project to go forward and why.  Perhaps Joseph Scolaro, Robison’s co-worker, was sent in to bankrupt Robison and cause disruption.  Maybe Robison figured it out so they murdered him.  Maybe Scolaro didn’t actually pull the trigger, but actually put the call into the killers for a hit job.  But clearly murdering the entire family along with Robison is another question. Why do that?  Also, the clue that Mrs Robison’s dress was hiked up exposing her legs. Like twin pillars. Like a Masonic temple. I’d say this was a calling card from a competing lodge.  The Freemasons really can’t help themselves with this kind of symbolism.

I’d say this murder was from a very powerful financial cabal very interested in long term psychological programs and energy management.


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Catholic Church Homosexual Crisis

Wonder how the Catholic Church literally went to ‘hell in a hand basket?’   As many people are beginning to realize, the Church itself is not bad, but many ‘bad apples’ from outside and within the Church seek to tear it apart by imposing what ‘they’ think the Church must become.  Along with the beginnings of modernism, to the infiltration of Freemasons, to Vatican II, there is the current homosexual crisis in the Church.  These things are all intertwined and related, and if left unchecked, will continually feed on each other.

Church Militant succinctly analyzes the homosexual plague within the Church.





The Gay Mafia’s attack on one priest:

Fr Paul Kalchik: A Kind Of Martyr

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Jorge Luis Borges Confronts Modernism


Jorge Luis Borges. 1921

“…overrun by arrivistes, by correct youths lacking any mental equipment, and decorative young ladies”

Writing to a friend, Jorge described the new arrivals in Buenos Aires, Argentina basically as stupid boys and pimped out girls.

Jorge Luis Borges is considered a founding figure of magical realism, along with other writers such as Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge sought to connect the past and its myriad connections to a people through the use of writing.  He pioneered the techniques of magical realism to accomplish this task through the communication of an unconscious triggering of a symbolic code as in his short story collection The Alepha point in space that contains all other points. Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping, or confusion.

His work intertwines the thematic concepts of labyrinths, dreams, philosophy, libraries, mythology and mirrors.

Interestingly, Jorge was well versed in Shakespeare, having picked up the plays and sonnets at twelve, so perhaps he learned this symbolic attribute from the bard.

At the end of his life Jorge began to worry about an afterlife.  Jorge’s wife regarded him as Agnostic, as herself, but she said she would call someone more qualified to offer some guidance.  Jorge replied, ” You are asking me if I want a priest.”

Perhaps this statement was the final summation of thought in narrowing the path of his own labyrinth towards the point of return of his personal Aleph.


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