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The Modernism Murder Mo of the Robison Family

The Robison family was murdered in Good Hart, Michigan in 1968 around the summer solstice. Investigators were never really sure of the exact date, because they were found in their summer home a month later, putrefying, as someone had locked … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Homosexual Crisis

Wonder how the Catholic Church literally went to ‘hell in a hand basket?’   As many people are beginning to realize, the Church itself is not bad, but many ‘bad apples’ from outside and within the Church seek to tear it … Continue reading

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Jorge Luis Borges Confronts Modernism

  “…overrun by arrivistes, by correct youths lacking any mental equipment, and decorative young ladies” Writing to a friend, Jorge described the new arrivals in Buenos Aires, Argentina basically as stupid boys and pimped out girls. Jorge Luis Borges is … Continue reading

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