With the Full Force of Your Personality

I was at at a concert at Carolyn’s school and was amazed at how the kids were really into the program.  They made such a colorful sea of enthusiasm I hoped to spread it into the ether.

Diversity is a bigg buzz word nowadays, but for once I was happy to see all these kids operating under the full force of their personalities.   What if they had all stood stock still with sterile expressions on their faces?  Like they were operating under a totalitarian dictatorship?  They would not be operating under the full force of their personality – just someone else’s controlled version.

And although sometimes it does seem like a dream, I think Martin Luther King would have been proud.  And with all the racial tensions and social unrest operating in my community, like communities everywhere (isn’t this why we have wars?) it was good to see the kids having fun together instead of fighting with eachother.  The concert was, after all, about a bunch of fish in a big sea and their itty bitty individualities making up the ocean.

So operating under the full force of your personality doesn’t mean you need to be loud.  It just means being authentic and true to who you are, like some of these women:

Amy Palko – Has a beautiful blog, Lives Less Ordinary, is  based in Sterling, Scotland.  Amy realized she must use the full force of her personality to tell us about our lives less ordinary and how special we are.  She uses her most excellent photographs to illustrate her points.  Amy is not loud, in fact she is very serene.  I always feel relaxed when I come to her blog and a trip there is like walking in the English countryside.  I haven’t been to Scotland yet, so the closeset I can compare it to is England.

Tei Lindstrom – A trip to Tei’s blog, Rogue Ink,  is like visiting a pub.  If you want a heaping helping of wit dished out with little Geisha hands holding a mighty Killian’s Red, you will feel most at home relaxing in the pub of Tei.  She is being true to herself with her satirical thrust and jab.  Good stuff from this Tei – a little swearing, a lot of humor – you know, stuff you find in the pub.  The pub of Tei. She also likes Eddie Izzard and he is about the funniest comedian I have seen in awhile.

Kelly Erickson – Another comedian, Kelly delights in telling us stories about how to help us market our businesses better.  Because it’s all about Maximum Customer Experience.  If the client is satisfied, than we are satisfied.  Right?  Her witty banter revolves around the most ordinary things in life – like bagels.  And apparently the less than ordinary because it turns out she corresponds with Leornardo DiCaprio on a regular basis.  If you ask me, I think Leo is one happy customer.

Obviously these women are all very different from one another and yet they have that one thing in common – they are operating under the Full Force of Their Personalities.  So check them out.  They’re quite authentic.  And very good.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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