Mormons; Beaver Island, Michigan; Child Abuse

Michigan found itself infested with Mormons when James Strang split off from founder Joseph Smith, and wandered over to Beaver Island, Michigan.

“They settled on the island because they needed more land and so that they could be more isolated from other white settlers, who they called Gentiles.”

There they would threaten people at gunpoint in the dead of night in their homes.

The federal government got tired of this behavior, and the Navy ship the USS Michigan intervened and deposed this self styled ‘king.’

One of the famous tricks of the polymagous Mormon Cult out west is to have a lot of wives, who have a lot of children, and the ‘husband’ only declares one wife and collects government welfare for all the rest of his progeny.¹

They seek to out breed everyone in their cancerous growth colonies.

Some currently famous Mormons out west also take money from the Catholic Church and abuse their kids.

Mitt Romney, a Michigan Mormon who wanted to be president.

Mitt Romney had a mistress in Cuba and has ties to the drug cartels and blood diamonds.

The founding of the Mormon Cult, Joseph Smith, is interestingly tied to Freemasonry.

¹Jon Krakauer. Under the Banner of Heaven. (New York: Random House, 2003)


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The Disappearing Barns of the Midwest

Barn Leelanau County, copyright Ellen Wilson

I’ve given myself a photo assignment – documumenting the disappearing barns of the Midwest.

At the turn of the century, barns could be found all over the place because there were a lot more small farms.  In 1900 close to 40% of the American labor force was made up of farmers.  Today, it is less than 2%.

Now we have huge agribusinesses that boast of more cost effective and environmentally friendly farms.  Farmers can carefully control profits by making sure animals have the right food to maximize their growth.  And no longer do cattle wade in local streams contaminating the water supply.

But while there are positive attributes to large scale farming technology there are many negative attributes as well.

First and foremost is the fact that the growth and distribution of food is a political and economic force most Americans do not understand.  Animal growth is carefully regulated by the use of hormones.  Antibiotics are also routinely given to combat disease and infection.  Do we want this stuff in our food?

The cost of food is increasing due to increased shipping costs because of the unstable situation in the Middle East.

And we were never told about genetically modified food stuffs that appeared on our supermarket shelves as other countries were.  We, as consumers, were not given a choice.

I think of these things as I travel around the country and see the landscape dotted with falling down barns, or barns that are lovingly attended to as keepsakes.  Like the barns in this post.

Barn, copyright Ellen Wilson

These are all things we have to grapple with now and in the future.

What else will disappear in our lifetime?

What is disappearing in your area?

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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