Doug Wilson and the OCCK Case

Doug Wilson was hypnotized by the FBI to provide information on Timothy King’s (one of the OCCK victims) abduction scene.  Wilson could remember quite a few details of the abduction scene.  He remembered the individuals involved and provided enough information for composite sketches of two possible suspects.  He  remembered the possible car used for the abduction, a Pontiac Le Mans 2-door coupe and even the last three numbers on the license plate: 222, but he couldn’t remember the proceeding three letters, stating that, “I can only surmise that numbers are stored in a different part of the brain than the phrase would be.”

1973 Le Mans 2-door coupe

After reading this information on father of Tim King, Barry King’s website, A Father’s Story, I thought of a scene in a Finnish crime drama, called Bordertown, my husband and I have been watching at night on Netflix.  At the beginning of the story titled
“The Dolls’ House,” part 1, Detective Kari Sorjonen was touching various parts of his head to access information about a particular case he and his team were working on. His information was very detailed. My husband asked if he was psychic, and I said maybe. I said it reminded me of how Druids probably accessed vast amounts of information in space and time by using specific memory techniques.

After mulling over Doug Wilson’s statement “I can only surmise that numbers are stored in a different part of the brain than the phrase would be — I thought that this is probably correct, at least in his case, and possibly other memory techniques could be used to obtain the entire license plate sequence of numbers and letters if he were to again be hypnotized.  Remembering smells, sensations, or various things that were going on right before this abduction memory might help.

Tim King told his dad that he wouldn’t go off with any strangers when he was warned about the OCCK that was on the loose.  He must have known his abductors. So who could have been the people that Doug Wilson viewed under hypnosis at the abduction scene that Tim King knew? 1. John McKinney? Link information is verbatim from the book Portraits in the Snow. Want kind of car did McKinney drive?  2. John Hastings?  Apparently he liked to play baseball, and could have met Tim through this mutual hobby.  There is very little information on these two suspects, including photos or other visuals. Perhaps its been scrubbed from the Internet. It’s very odd that none of this information hasn’t been painstakingly cross referenced.

To bad that people can’t view the photo composites drawn from Doug Wilson’s hypnosis session.  You would think that investigators would want the public to see that information in order to help solve the case.


A very diligent investigator filed a FOIA with the FBI…

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