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The Process of the Process Church

The Process Church is an offshoot of Scientology developed by Naval Intelligence. Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley, Marjorie Cameron The Process Church was developed to control, generationally, a cohort of youth who would then continue to control the … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Memoir Meme

What time is it?  It’s meme time! Recently I returned from Vermont to find the lovely Sandie Law of Geeked Off! tagged me with a meme.  Sandie likes to talk of all things geeky and wonderful and since I would like … Continue reading

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Splatted with a Meme Tomato

Playing around in Photoshop, then whop!  Splatted with a meme tomato! These things are kinda juicy, so after you injest your meme tomato get in the fridge, grab a fresh one, and splat!  at your fellow bloggers. What does this … Continue reading

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