OCCK and International Connections Part IV

The Oakland County Child Killer case (OCCK) is an old serial killer case involving four children.  It took place in the Detroit area. The case was never solved and apparently mismanaged from the beginning. This case has many similarities with other cases that were obstructed and unsolved: The Franklin Scandal in the US and The Dutroux Affair in Belgium.

“Incredibly, not only have the Belgians that were involved in Iran Contra been accused of child abuse (Boas, Mathot, Vanden Boeynants and Beurir), but North and his employer, vice president and later president George Bush, were uncomfortably close to the Franklin child abuse affair in the United States. Both were mentioned by witnesses as having attended the parties of alleged child abuser, Satanist, Contra supporter, money launderer and drug dealer Lawrence E. “Larry” King.[17] Another Contra supporter and alleged child abuser, Robert Keith Gray, was also close to Bush, North and King. [18]” ¹

Oliver North of the Iran Contra scandal

Yes, many of these people ran in the same circles involving drugs, arms deals, sex trafficking, child abuse rings and the money laundering bankers that kept it all in play. Not surprisingly, one of these bankers, Edmond Safra, of the Republic National Bank of New York, was pals with Edgar Bronfman and Max Fisher.

Then there is Detroit native money launderer and drug runner Robert Vesco.

“Long before he washed up on the shores of Cuba to teach Fidel Castro the fine art of money laundering and drug smuggling, Vesco was sponsored, bankrolled, and deployed by the very highest levels of the London-centered Club of the Isles, the $10 trillion oligarchical cartel headed by Queen Elizabeth II and her royal consort, Philip Mountbatten.” ²

Robert Vesco

Frances Duffield Shelden, Michigan native and wealthy pedophile ring suspect, managed to escape to the Netherlands before he was questioned by authorities where he most likely blended in with his fellow perverts in high places, like Senator Brongersma, who was interested in pedophilia and the ‘age of consent’ concerning sexual relations.

On April 13, 1978, Shelden executed a document removing The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands as trustee and naming Edward Brongersma as successor trustee. This was so he was able to procure funds while he was in the Netherlands.

Barry King, an attorney and the father of OCCK victim Tim King, sent an FOIA request to the FBI to gain information regarding Frances Duffield Shelden.  The FBI wrote back, sorry, we have had a catastrophic flood at the facility and can’t give you any information and we don’t know if we will ever be able to…

“Next up, the November 1, 2011 response from the FBI concerning my dad’s attorney’s FOIA request on Francis Duffield Shelden. The request was denied because, believe it or not, “the facility where the records are stored suffered a catastrophic flood that temporarily prohibits access to these records.” And this happened less than two months prior to the FOIA request.” ³

John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, described the FBI’s involvement in this case in similar terms.

“…where was the Federal Bureau of Investigation? It was running interference, and worse.” 4

In Belgium, investigator Jean-Marc Connerrotte took over the serial killer case involving young girls and he landed Dutroux in prison and rescued two girls from the dungeon hell where Dutroux had kept them. Of course Connerrotte was very popular. But because he did such a good job the highest court in Belgium decided to remove him from the case. The same hour the decision was made spontaneous protests started all over the country.

“…the fire brigade in Liege drove their trucks downtown and turned their water cannons against the Justice building to demonstrate that “the whole judicial system needs a good cleanup.” 5


300,000 people at the White March in Brussels, Belgium, protesting against judicial corruption regarding the Dutroux case

“We all heard the rumors, the “conspiracy theories”; but now it slowly begins to seem as if important police and judicial reports that can confirm the existence of above-government, criminal networks are locked away in national security archives around the world. We definitely need to find ways to get these files out.” 6


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The Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) case. An old cold case that took place around Detroit, Michigan back in the ’70s. It involved 4 children . This case is constantly covered up, obfuscated and misdirected by the authorities. Once this case is cracked and the truth is out there is an opportunity for the US to clean up it’s garbage. You will learn our country is NOT what it says it is.

An Article Series:


Deadline Detroit | LeDuff: L. Brooks Patterson's Last Call
L Brooks Patterson

L Brooks Patterson was a mobbed up prosecutor.

L Brooks Patterson was the prosecutor of Oakland County during the Oakland County Child Killer case (OCCK). Patterson liked attention and knew how to play the propaganda machine to his own benefit. He was grandiose and wanted to be a senator and maybe even president.

Oakland County Commissioner, Lawrence Pernick, complained about organized crime and wanted to do something about it. “The major criminal element has moved into this county and little has been done about it,” he said.

Patterson was not a fan of prosecuting organized crime. In fact, no one could quite pin down his stance on organized crime.

Probably because he was complicit with and on the make with organized crime.

Patterson the prosecutor was not a fan of certain investigations.

For instance, Patterson was not interested in the investigation of Harvey Leach, chairman of Joshua Doore Furniture Company, who was found dead in the trunk of a Cadillac. Leach was supposed to meet with an attorney of the company, Leonard Shultz, who was also an attorney for the Teamsters pension fund. He said nothing when the US Attorney’s office investigated Schultz’s home for possible links to the murder.

But the prosecutor was a fan of Max Fisher. “Max Fisher was one of the most interesting gentlemen I have ever known” he said. He also stated that Fisher surprised him from time to time.

“Every so often I would get a note from him with a check inside, and it would say ‘keep doing a good job.’

We wonder what this ‘good job’ entailed. Most likely it was an incentive to stay away from organized crime.

So who was Max Fisher of Detroit? Max Fisher of Detroit like the Bronfman family of Canada and other corporate entities who were ‘above suspicion’ were kingpins in the drug trade. This is all carefully detailed in the book, Dope Inc.

Patterson also gave Christopher Busch (OCCK suspect who was let go numerous times on pedophile charges) a ‘do not prosecute’ note on his file. So he wasn’t. And then Tim King, the last victim, was murdered. Coincidence?

The official narrative is that later on Busch committed ‘suicide.’ Most likely he was murdered as a way of shutting him up and giving notice to the ring he was operating in. The murder scene was most likely staged with ropes and the alleged drawing of Mark Stebbins placed on the wall.

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Mind Control and the OCCK

John Hastings in the 70s

There is a possibility that certain suspects in the OCCK case were mind controlled. Once you entertain that possibility the next question that arises is, for what purpose?

Helen Dagner, a researcher of the case, befriended a suspect in the case named John Hastings. She stated that suspect John Hastings was often in a trance, which indicates that he was most likely in a disassociated state a large part of the time.

“John went into a trance like state and appear to be completely unaware of anything I said to him or that he was even in the car going down the road…upon arriving at his apartment he seemed to smoothly shift out of the trance state…back to his normal self…the whole thing gave me the creeps.”

The polygrapher from Georgia was convinced that suspects Christopher Busch and John Hastings knew each other, and that Hastings at the very least had intimate knowledge of these crimes, if he wasn’t a willing participant. During the polygraph, “Duncan stated *redacted* made some very strange statements to him and said more than once, “I can’t tell you,” and then he would catch himself and what he was saying, and then follow up by saying, “Because that’s not the truth.” Almost as if these were programmed triggers and responses as a mind controlled individual would respond.

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is intentionally inflicted on mind control victims to compartmentalize their memories. Observe the behavior of Paul Bonacci, MK Ultra (mind control program) survivor.

Suspect Christopher Busch was under the care of a psychiatrist. His friend and accomplice, Gregory Greene, was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in California before he came back to Michigan. This was after he tortured and tried to murder a boy.

Then there is the curious fact that Busch and Greene came back to Michigan at virtually the same time, possibly to murder Mark Stebbins, the first victim, but no one could determine how they had become ‘accomplices,’ of which they both stated independently that they were to Ralph Cabot, polygrapher, before their respective polygraphs.

It is possible that this was an ‘assignment’ or a program of which they were a part and did know of each other. Both of them wound up committing ‘suicide.’ Busch with a shotgun blast to his head, after which he managed to tuck himself neatly under the covers in his bed, and Greene, in prison, where he conveniently had a heart attack after his cellmate was absent for a brief period of time. He was 45 years old.

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Deposition of Paul Bonacci – Franklin Scandal – MK Ultra Survivor


Was Dr Bruce Danto John Hastings’s Handler?

Bruce Danto

Bruce Danto was an Detroit area psychiatrist who gave his professional opinion on the dynamics and psychological state of the killer during the OCCK case. Many people felt he insinuated himself in the case and had a cozy relationship with the prosecutor, L Brooks Patterson, who was instrumental in getting Christopher Busch hidden and obscured from view in this case by giving Busch a pass with a questionable polygraph result, which let him go free and possibly murder the final victim, Timothy King.

Dr Danto had a dual career of psychiatrist and police officer, something virtually unheard of. “I am like Dirty Harry,” he said in a interview. He was very well versed in hypnosis and the effects of drugs as well as contraindicative drug techniques, something that mind control professionals are skilled in.

One time an instructor/psychologist for Oakland County Schools put a student in a trance during a class that she did not come out of. Dr Danto, who was a Wayne County General Hospital psychiatrist at the time, was called upon to intervene.

Dr Danto developed a profile of the OCCK: A fanatically neat child molester who cares only for his own gratification and is condemned to repeat his own sexually traumatized history. Danto said “He was ‘evening the score,’ for an abandonment experience somewhere in his early years. He is depriving the parent of a child the way he was deprived of a parent. He’s a hunter, a predator. He picks kids who are alone, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s very, very careful not to leave clues.”

Danto also referenced the fact that the killer was somehow triggered by snow, or a snowfall.

A woman who John Hastings ‘befriended’ in Alpena, Michigan, Helen Dagner, took copious notes of what Hastings told her, since he said he was the OCCK and she shared these details with the police. Interestingly, these details that Dagner jotted down match the type of personality that Danto had described:

*When it snows his eyes bug out and he goes into a trance (this she witnessed first hand and became frightened and told the police she didn’t want to talk to Hastings anymore after they were using her as an informant)

*Always manicured

*Many educational books for children about sex

*Hates his mother who is a confirmed schizophrenic

*Obsessive compulsive about his hands

*Freudian slips

*Draws cartoons of cars picking up children

*If you have been bad and your clean & neat it makes it good

Also, on a detailed map he had drawn for Dagner concerning the drop off points of the murdered children, Hastings wrote the name ‘DANTO’ where the location of the doctor’s house would be.

Dr Danto worked at Wayne State University, an MKULTRA related research university.

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The Mysterious John McKinney

John McKinney had an art gallery in Birmingham, Michigan and catered to the well-to-do. McKinney was murdered 6 months after Tim King was murdered and the cops were quick to state that this murder was not related to the OCCK. Some people have found it strange that the cops would even say that.


John McKinney most likely acted as a go between between nefarious art peddlers and their clients. Who might these nefarious art peddlers and their clients be? Perhaps those that bought and sold snuff films, associated photographs, and related art works.

Whoever killed McKinney was most likely trying to obtain his client list which would have identified the entire network and operation.

McKinney met with a mysterious woman at the Landmark restaurant the night before his death. Helen Dagner believed that it might have been a woman named Gina and showed a composite photo/drawing next to the police sketch.

Interestingly enough, Hasting’s mother moved to Clawson, Michigan after her divorce from John’s father. McKinney also lived in Clawson.

Some people believed that McKinney was interested in the dark magickal arts. And that he lived a secret, double life.

Portraits in the Snow:

“…if Tim didn’t know McKinney’s name, he would have for sure recognized him on the street.”

M.F. Cribari

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Detective Cory William police notes:



Did Dr Danto Write the Novel The Oakland County Child Killer?

Did Dr Bruce Danto write The Oakland County Child Killer, a ‘novel,’ under the alias, Michael L. Parrot?

There are characteristics of Dr Danto within the pages of the novel. For one, Dr Danto takes on the starring role, or hero, of the story, while the killer, of course, is the villain. So whoever wrote the book would have had to have been inside Danto’s mind, because there is a definite literary fingerprint that is unique regarding his personal style and inside knowledge of the case.

The tone is set before the novel starts with a quote by the psychiatrist hero of the novel at the beginning of the book, Dr Elliot Denton. He is addressing the Oakland County Task Force, a special unit set up to investigate the serial killings. He says:

“This killer’s quite a showman, too. He goes to great lengths in preparing his victims’ bodies for display, washing them, washing their clothes, trimming their nails, even carefully laying the bodies in the snow as if he were going to be judged on the finished product. He has a morbid need for people to look at his work. He’s a maniac. A real squirrel. Only he’s a demented squirrel that gathers children instead of nuts.”

With this quote hero Dr Denton lays out the killer for us in a neat package. In fact, he wants us to notice his expertise and his showmanship. Not unlike the killer he describes.

In an academic paper analyzing the Oakland County Child Killer Dr Danto basically says the same thing which is described in the novel:

“I would add to this discussion that the serial murderer usually has an obsessive-compulsive pattern to his killing, as well as his choice of victim. His homicidal behavior is repetitive and frequently tells a story of his conflicts. For example, in the Oakland County (Michigan) child killings, the murderer selected children in the same age range, sodomized the boys and forced the girls into oral sexual acts, was gentle in his method of killing, washed the bodies and dressed the victims, and always left the body where it was sure to be found. He acted out a story in which he replaced the natural parents of the child he abducted, committed a sexually perverse act on the child, then murdered him or her; in so doing, he showed the parents how poorly they protected their child and how great their loss could be. The parents are his victims. He kills children to avenge some childhood hurt induced by his own parents toward whom he is now venting angry feelings. He checks on the parental loss by attending the child’s funeral or following it on television. We know this because he dropped a funeral visitor’s card where the body of the first murdered child was found.”

There are characters within the story that seem to be composites of people involved in this serial killing shock operation. There is a gallery owner named Alexander who himself is a talented modernist sculptor, mirroring perhaps gallery owner John McKinney and Senator Jack Faxon, artist and collector.

This owner of the gallery, (called White gallery) is interested in a series of photos taken by a Catholic priest named Francis Dole, perhaps resembling Frances Shelden (wealthy Michigan native involved in an international pedophile ring), who speaks with another priest, Father McKinnen, about the photos, again mirroring John McKinney gallery owner. Both of these people McKinney and Shelden could have had some type of ‘priest’ positions within the occultic circles they ran in. The photos taken by Christopher Busch confiscated by the FBI and alleged sketch of Mark Stebbins are alluded to here also.

The character of Lieutenant Davis has members of the task force learn everything they can on sacrifices in witches covens. He also states he knows there is two witches covens in the area, maybe more, and to check them out. He then sends them on a little trip to see Gondella the witch who was a fortune teller that had a vision of what the killer looked like.

Francis Dole talks to a mechanic named Harold Wilson, perhaps modeled after Doug Wilson, who knew the makes of cars like the back of his hand being a car designer and was hypnotized by the FBI after he had divulged he had saw Tim King in the parking lot of the pharmacy before he was abducted.

In the true crime book, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Detective Robertson portrays Dr Danto as a media darling, where “…the media’s all over him. They call him to see what he thinks about all this, and he responds. The the media comes to us and says ‘Danto says this’ or ‘Danto says that,’and that puts us in a position where we either have to respond or stonewall.”

Perhaps Danto was running the program?

I would argue that Dr Danto gave voice to a story that was being set in motion as one of a series of shock traumas being inflicted on the nation by a group of people involved in a long term operation.

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The French Version of the Oakland County Child Killer

The novel, The Oakland County Child Killer written by the same author as the English version, is also available in French. The title of the book in French is Pardonnez-moi vos offenses (Forgive-me your offences).

The book is written as part of a serie noire (dark series) that were written as part of collection of occult practices which are sequentially numbered. The magickal workings of interlocking occult groups who ‘play’ or make ‘art’ on various themes. It is an updated version of the ‘Theatre Memory System’ of Robert Fludd, English Renaissance occultist.

Instead of the heroic self-congratulatory quote by the character Elliot Denton of the English version, we get this note from the editor/translator, Jane Fillion, of the book:

This book was designed from real facts. During the 1977 summer, several children were murdered in the northern suburbs of Detroit. A Special Team of three hundred policemen worked night and day for six months to discover the killer. The series ended abruptly, and the assassin was never found.

The noir series was very popular in France, and created by Marcel Duhamel, a screenwriter and actor active in surrealist, avant-garde occult circles.

At the beginning of the French version we find a page with these listings:

Nouveautes du mois (New of the Month)

1830–Pardonnez-Moi Offenses (Pardon my offences)

(Michael L. Parrot)

…ou le mauvais ange gardien (or the evil guardian angel)

1831–Dracula Fait Maigre (Dracula Made Lean)

(Stuart Kaminsky)


Une pinte de mauvais sang (a pint of bad blood)

1832–Un Poulet Chez les Spectres (A Chicken in Spectra)

(Ed McBain)


Il est passe au travers (It is passed through)

1833–La Foire Aux Longs Couteaux (The Fair with Long Knives)

(Gregory McDonald)


La fete a gnons-gnons (The Party of Gnons-Gnons)?

As an interesting side note, Marcel Duhamel died eleven days before the last victim, Tim King, was abducted.

Sources Cited:

Micheal L. Parrott, Editions Gallimard, 1981.




The Process Church and the OCCK

The Process Church of The Final Judgement

The Process Church was started in England and came to the US in the 60s. They learned some things from the Scientologists, got mad at them, left and incorporated their findings into their cult.

The Process Church is a violent, dark magick cult and had many adherents, particularly in California and New York.

Detective James Rothstein says that this cult traveled down the I-94 highway corridor which cuts across the US. On the way they killed some people.

They currently reside in Utah and run some type of ‘save the animals’ shelter.

If you want to find out more about this cult I would encourage you listen to the Jim Rothstein interviews on the Ed Opperman show where he goes into great detail. One of the details he states is that a group of 19 CIA psychiatrists traveled around with this group.

Also read The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry and Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan, both are definitive sources on this cult.

One of the signatures of this cult was to use a 44-caliber gun for the killings. This type of gun was used in the Son of Sam killings.

On the post entitled “McKinney” there is an interesting comment:

Livonia Guy

March 12, 2016 at 9:48 am

“Two guns were found in Flynn’s car; Flynn’s gun and a 44-caliber gun registered to Berkley Officer Krussel. The gun belonging to Krussel was found on the floor of the car between the passenger seat and door. “.


Was there ever any information regarding how Officer Flynn had Officer Krussel’s gun in his possession??? Did he steal it? Is Officer Krussel still alive?

Officer Flynn was a Berkley cop who was investigating the OCCK.

Aleister Crowley came up with some magickal workings used by the Process Church and their associates. This most likely is the script that they were/are following:

For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. {95} For evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle — the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but physical substance which was the quintessence of its life in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and tangible shape.

But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best*. The truly great Magician will be able to use his own blood, or possibly that of a disciple, and that without sacrificing the physical life irrevocably.* An example of this sacrifice is given in Chapter 44 of Liber 333. This Mass may be recommended generally for daily practice.

One last word on this subject. There is a Magical operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon*. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word,* the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-{96}Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon.

This whole matter is prophesied in the Book of the Law itself; let the student take note, and enter the ranks of the Host of the Sun.

II There is another sacrifice with regard to which the Adepts have always maintained the most profound secrecy. It is the supreme mystery of practical Magick. Its name is the Formula of the Rosy Cross. In this case the victim is always — in a certain sense — the Magician himself, and the sacrifice must coincide with the utterance of the most sublime and secret name of the God whom he wishes to invoke.

Sources Cited:


Also see:






OCCK and International Connections

More evidence that the OCCK was part of an operation international in scope is the Shelden Lawsuit:

National Bank of Detroit, Plaintiff, v. Francis D. Shelden, et al., Defendants, the Trust Company of the Virgin Islands, Ltd., (no. 82-1905) and Peter J. Cipollini, (no. 82-1737), Defendants-appellants, v L. Bennett Young and Detroit Bank and Trust Company, Secondsuccessor Co-Trustees, Intervening Defendants Defendants-appellees, 730 F.2d 421 (6th Cir. 1984).

Adam Starchild

In this lawsuit we find Frances Shelden trying to maintain his trust fund monies after he had fled overseas. Shelden argues that he delivered these securities to the infamous Adam Starchild (interesting alias, no? I’ve heard this is in reference to a child’s rectum, but also could be a reference to a ritual involving a ‘star’ as in Freemasonic), who was founder and original owner of the Virgin Islands Trust Company.

The argument details who exactly are the trustees of the trust established by Francis Shelden. On April 13, 1978, Shelden executed a document removing The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands as trustee and naming Edward Brongersma as successor trustee.

Edward Brongersma
Frits Salmonson (left) Prince Clause (right)
Joris Demmink

Who exactly was Edward Brongersma? Brongersma was a Dutch Senator (1911-1998) who, according to investigator Marcel Vervloesm, was part of a child pornorgraphy network. It is also alleged he was a double agent of the KGB. This pornography circle included Edward Brongersma, Frits Salomonson (a lawyer for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands), and Joris Demmink, a Dutch Justice Department official. Also included in the network was Gerrit Ulrich, a German computer scientist who was also an alleged double KGB agent. Their supervisor was one Wanja Gotz, a KGB liason officer posted in Dresden, Germany, at the same time as Vladimir Putin. Their mission was to train teams of agents to power the Kompromat (English equivalent: compromise) and blackmail celebrities and government officials. Apparently the Kompromat scheme was created in 1881 under Czar Alexander II. The Kompromat file was used to recruit double agents through blackmail and financial means. The system is still used today.

Sources Cited:

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Jacqueline de Croy, Wednesday, June 1, 2016

English Version


OCCK and International Connections Part II

John Hastings was questioned by police in reference to a homosexual ‘vacation guide.”

Perhaps the police should be questioned if they knew of the SPARTACUS NETWORK.

Remember, it was Gerald Richards, who wrote the words *Dorian Philosophy in the right hand corner of his diagram.  This is the underlying idea that ties these pedophiles together.

The Spartacus network hides behind the Spartacus publication, whose editor was the defrocked priest, John Stamford. Frances Shelden also wrote for this publication under the alias Frank Torey.

This guide was how the pedophiles found each other and children to abuse. The listed hotel owner in the guide acted as an intermediary between Stamford and his pedophile clients.

Stamford died in prison of a ‘heart attack’ while awaiting trial. How convenient.

One of the ‘hotels’ in this network was the Elm Guest House, run by Carol Kasir and her husband in England. Elm Guest House was the test and the prototype. Carole Kasir was told the funding for her ‘guest house’ had been agreed by a group of wealthy backers, some of these were the directors of Spartacus and RAWRO, an investment company owned by Michael Stuart Rowe and his lover Ralph A Williams. Michael Stuart Rowe, aka as Captain Paul Rinehart (Azimuth Trust, Boats, anyone?!).

Peter Glencross, a South African from Holland was the the “Advertising and distribution national sales agent” for Spartacus in the UK.

Their plans went way beyond the UK borders. There was a “Dutch Venture” that would allow Spartacus to organize through Russell Tricker’s company called Toff’s Travel, to traffic children across international borders. Tricker once was a school teacher and then got into the travel industry when prosecuted for child abuse.

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The Elm Guest House Money Men

RAWRO, Spartacus & The Chain of Filth



OCCK and International Connections Part III

Morris Fraser was a ‘child psychiatrist’ in Britain who established the Azimuth Trust, which was linked to a French ‘boat schools’ pedophile ring. He founded this trust to give sailing holidays to dozens of vulnerable boys, but in actuality this guise, much like Frances Shelden’s boys camp on North Fox Island, Brother Pauls, was a ruse for pedophiles and their activities.

When Fraser wasn’t abusing boys, he found time to write, penning The Death of Narcissus, a pro-pedophile reading of classic literature.

Dr Fraser was also charged along with eight other men in an international pedophile ring in Long Island, New York. One of these men was named Parker Rossman, who was listed as Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center of New Haven Connecticut and also of Yale University School of Divinity. Other aliases of George Parker Rossman include Elijah Crossman and Dyer Grossman, who was involved with Gerald Richards and Frances Shelden in setting up Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission on North Fox Island, for camping expeditions for underprivileged boys. Dyer Grossman came from a wealthy Long Island family and was described as a ‘reverend.’

George Parker Rossman was fawned over in the boy-lover publishing crowd. When he wasn’t setting up pedophile operations he enjoyed writing pedo-porn taking the pen name, Jonathan Drake. He was published in the Midwest Gay Academic Journal, a journal ex-priest and Mapplethorpe lover, Jack Fritscher would have been familiar with as an academic at Western Michigan University. The magazine said that, “…no one has devoted more of his adult life to studying the lifestyles of various kinds of Boy Lovers, as well as searching out the literature on the themes, and gone into deep speculation on his findings, than has George Parker Rossman.”

Dr Fraser was in contact with children’s homes all over Belfast, Ireland. Former intelligence office Brian Gemmell said that MI5 (British Intelligence) forced him to end his investigation in to the Kincora Boy’s home in Ireland where Dr. Fraser was active in selecting boys to be abused. Police in the UK refused to reveal what they knew about Dr Morris Fraser. This was on the grounds of ‘national security.’

This is most likely what went on on North Fox Island and the pedophile rings in Detroit, although the police have been loath to say it (for reasons of ‘national security’), knowing that this answer is unacceptable in the US, believing we live in a free country where rights and liberties are paramount.

This is also the same type of cover-up that went on in the Franklin investigation and Cathy O’Brien speaks about in her books.

These were military intelligence operations designed to traumatize children, use them as mind controlled drug couriers and sex slaves, aids in human trafficking operations, and pornography operations, which is a multi-billion dollar yearly business. Many so called ‘officials’ are/were involved in this, from the local level to the top of federal government.

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