Life IS like a box of chocolates…

Bounded by a Feather

Forest Gump.

Some people called him a fool. Some called him ignorant. But he was a person who retained the innocense of being a good human being. He knew what was right, and what was wrong. And oh, how he loved his Jenny.

Love is innocence, and love is pure.

On Valentine’s Day, with our gift of chocolates, and loved ones who give them to us, let us remember this gift of creativity. Creativity that radiates outward.

Do we ever know what our lives will bring? Who we we will touch? My hope is that everyone can have a little chocolate.

“Of course there is temptation. The pull of the mortal and material needs never cease. It’s a constant battle to retain the purity, the innocence, the child like playful quality of creative talent.”

Shekhar Kapur – Film maker

Unbounded by a feather…

Let it fly!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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