The North Fox Island Frances Shelden Angle


Frances Shelden was an extremely wealthy Michigan businessman who was involved in an international pedophile ring. He was allowed to flee the country, because law enforcement looked the other way and was apparently too busy to investigate him and his pedophile connections regarding North Fox Island. He decided to disappear when he realized he was going to be questioned regarding these crimes.

He was protected at the very highest levels of the government, most likely the CIA type level.

Rodney Stichs (who had his bio deleted by Wikipedia) discusses financial CIA operations with an agent:

“Another of the many confidential sources with whom I had contact was Trenton Parker who played a key role in CIA activities in the Caribbean.

To qualify Parker for use in financial operations, the CIA obtained employment for him with New York Stock Exchange brokerage firms from 1971 until 1974 in California and Colorado. While in those positions, he supplied confidential information to the CIA on customers’ accounts and transactions. Eventually he opened his own brokerage firm as a front for the CIA through the SEC and NASD.

This is similar to the operation described to me by CIA operative Gunther Russbacher in which Russbacher received training at Mutual Life Insurance Company and then incorporated and operated a number of CIA financial institutions headquartered in Missouri. These institutions had offices throughout the United States including Denver, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Traverse City, Michigan.”

Why Traverse City? Traverse City is a small community on Lake Michigan (the area has grown extensively.) This small influential community appears to be a hub for various illicit things. Like perhaps acting as financial conduit for things going on in the immediate area. The Petoskey/Charlevoix area, where Shelden owned a home, is a stone’s throw away from Traverse City.

“I keep forgetting that these crimes and the N. Fox Island crimes took place under the watch of not only L. Brooks Patterson and Oakland County local law enforcement, but also on the watch of Michigan A.G. Frank Kelley and Governor William Milliken (native of Traverse City).

It is a interesting to note that there is/was a huge psychiatric hospital in Traverse City (its since been turned into stores, offices, etc.) that employed many people in the town back in the day.

Then there is the curious fact that James Dudley Ramsey, father of John Ramsey, and grandfather to JonBenet Ramsey, was head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission from 1957 until 1979.  This was the period that Shelden had the airstrip constructed and was flying both children and pedophile clients to North Fox Island.

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Ode to JonBenet

JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenet Ramsey.  A little girl murdered in 1996, whose murder caused an international sensation because it was such a high profile case involving powerful people, is still awaiting justice. There were some poems given to investigators by an anonymous author who felt that perhaps disclosure disguised by poetic means would help solve the case or at least identify what was going on by those scared and desperate people to afraid to come forward.  What follows is one such poem:

However, one must study greats
Take, for example, William Yeats,
Who spoke about Byzantium
No governor could stop the run
Your split in planning took its toll
Your race spun out of your control
Things fall apart

The antichrist lurks in the head
It festers in the carnal eye
Which takes young victims from their bed
To suffer that and then to die
Now vacant, half-glazed tears are shed
From ambidextrous author’s stead
One doll, now grown, hides in dread
Another Manchurian candidate
Is dead.¹

This poem hints at a powerful cabal, ‘religious’ and/or occultic, above what we would call government, but hides like a parasite within governments (what is left of governments).

The author speaks of William Yeats and is highly versed in poetic composition. The author is most likely very educated, part of the ‘elite’ ruling class, or is involved in those circles. Someone privy to understanding who or what is behind the stagecraft.

William Yeats, accomplished and well known Irish poet, wrote a poem called “Byzantium,” which describes the occult and human sacrifice. This poem alludes to secret societies and conjuring spirits — blacksmiths or “smithies” of the Emperor with their iron “In glory of changeless metal” complete the sacrifice of the “death-in-life and life-in-death ritual.”

The first stanza of the JonBenet poem describes a split. A layered ‘split’ which resonates through the centuries. A split that could be describing the Anglican Church which broke from the Catholic Church during the reign of Henry the VIII. This split had unknown, unforeseen complications, where “Your split in planning took its toll/Your race spun out of your control.” Race, meaning a competition, or a group of people — the stanza being full of double entendres.  Further poems given to investigators hint at scandals within, or involving a church and/or religion.

The Manchurian doll, referring to the manufactured mind-controlled female sexualized ‘type,’ may refer to Patsy Ramsey, or even the author, who most likely is a female, and describes herself as ambidextrous, or well-versed or studied in both worlds; able to experience and report back from these darker realms.

William Butler Yeats studied the occult and was acquainted with Aleister Crowley, who was founder of the religion of Thelema.

Read Presumed Guilty: An Investigatiion into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, The Media, and the Culture of Pornography by Stephen Singular, for further analysis, and for the rest of the poems mailed to investigators.

1.  Stephen Singular, Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, The Media, and the Culture of Pornography  (Kindle Edition)

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