Number Crunching at Elance

Alright class, take a look at the overhead above. This little chart is self explanatory. But if you have any questions, please raise your hands.

I started compiling my data set on 2/12/08, and have been at it only 8 days. And what do we have? Writers increasing, jobs deceasing. The ratio of writers to jobs is therefore increasing.

What is going on? I vaguely remember that there used to be around 4000 writers vying after 350-400 jobs in December.

Now, is this a product of the American economy taking a downturn?

Is this a product of MFA programs shooting up all over the country like wild writer weeds?

I really don’t know. But, because I am forever trying to figure things out, I thought it would be interesting to gather some data and put forth my hypothesis.

I haven’t come up with a hypothesis yet, because I don’t have enough data. I have decided to gather data for a year and see what happens, because I can’t surmise too much from a week’s worth of data. You can look forward to future reports. I may add more variables to my data set.

So what are you ideas? Let me know, and maybe I can incorporate them into my research.

Oh, and incidentally, Blogger does not support any type of cut and paste activities like charts, tables, or graphs. I had to enter the data in Excel, print it, scan it (turning it into a jpeg file), then give it to you.

Somebody really needs to get busy and fix that.

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