The Black Nobility, Jesuits and Technology

Steven Greer talks about Jesuits and technology transfer, around 2:23 point in vid. He also mentions that around 2:42 point in vid, Hans-Adam von Liechtenstein, a Roman Catholic, is totally convinced of an ‘end times scenario’ and only funds people/organizations that support this endeavor in scaring the populace into believing this.



According to Greer, there’s a worldwide control group of about 200 to 300 members who’s sitting on these technologies and information. Not everyone in this group has the same ideas or agendas, but the most powerful faction within this group, who has access to all the technologies (mentioned is a spectrum of psychotronic weaponry, powerful supercomputers, advanced bio-science, craft with exotic propulsion systems and control systems linked to thought, and consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems), is highly violent.

Hans Adam von Liechenstein
Hans Adam von Liechtenstein






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