New Zealand Mosque Shooting World Aftermath (UPDATED)

Throw a rock in a pond and it ripples and ripples and ripples..until it stops. Or does it? Have not the water molecules been displaced into different arrangements? Patterns? And so it goes with the latest false flag…there is a new pattern emerging from the chaos…but you must pay attention to keep track of it. So keep track of it in your part in of the world and learn how everything connects. A lesson in real time.

Remember, false flags are constructed events. That means they are not ‘organic’ in nature, but have been manufactured by intelligence agencies to further an agenda. That means they may contain fake and real events, and information may even be altered by digital techniques, such as computer generated imagery (CGI).  History of the term ‘false flag.’

The Official Narrative:

New Zealand shooting: 50 killed, 1 man charged after shootings at 2 mosques in Christchurch

The Real Story:


New Zealand: The Unraveling of a Israeli Mass Murder?

Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks

An example. What do we have happening in my part of the world during this event? Well, let’s examine that:

Around the same time as the  shooting at the mosque in New Zealand…

Steve Bannon leads call in Detroit for border wall

Also, on March 16, 2019 a vigil was held at the University of Michigan for the victims of the two mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Then, suddenly at Mason Hall…

“University police said they received as many as 20 reports at 4:35 p.m. of shots fired in Mason Hall.”

Popping balloons prompt 3 hours of active shooter panic at University of Michigan


“University of Michigan police officers respond with Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies and the FBI, ATF and U.S. Border Patrol…”

During further analysis we find that:

Active shooter scare at University of Michigan stemmed from team-building exercise

And that:

“Details of the exact activity weren’t available…[Michigan Police Chief Overton] declined to clarify the group or type of student group involved.”

Amazing the amount of information you can find out with that many cops investigating.

* * *

Now watch and pay attention on how the official narrative is propped up and spins into more propaganda incidents:

Further Terrorism and/or False Flags:

3/18/19  Surrey stab victim may have been targeted because of appearance

3/18/19 CCTV captures Turkish ‘gunman’ on Dutch tram moments before ‘terrorist-motivated’ shooting spree left one person dead and several others wounded – as police warn public not to approach suspect

3/19/19  CIA/Mossad/MI6 Daesh Issues Call for ‘Vengeance’ Following New Zealand Mosque Massacre

3/21/19  Birmingham mosques attacked with sledgehammers

3/24/19  Terrorist-linked Islamists gathered to pray outside Parliament in Copenhagen – Danish politicians responded by burning the Quran

4/29/19 ‘Martyrdom, bro:’ U.S. Army veteran busted in domestic terror plot

8/4/19 Texas: 8chan ‘manifesto’ identified with Christchurch New Zealand Shooter and spoke about the “invasion” of Latino immigrants

Consequences of Terrorism/False Flags:

3/15/19 New Zealand re-examining its gun laws after mosque shooting

3/17/19 Growing movement calls on media to avoid naming shooters

3/18/19 NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For ‘Possessing’ Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, ‘Dissenter’ Banned

3/19/19 UK to start issuing far-right terrorism alerts

3/19/19 Aussie PM calls for global internet crackdown in wake of Christchurch attacks

3/20/19 Christchurch mosque attack: Kiwis lose jobs for sharing massacre video at work 

3/21/19 Muslim-led site in Detroit raises $1.6 million for New Zealand victims

3/22/19  How New Zealand Banned Assault Rifles in Six Days

3/24/19  Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America

3/24/19  Google Jumps the Gun on Reporting NZ Mosque Shootings

3/24/19 Free speech debate in New Zealand after mosque slayer’s manifesto banned

8/04/19 Celebs and Politicians Call for Gun Control Following Dayton Shooting: ‘We Have to Do Better’

Muslim Bashing and/or Immigrant Issues:

3/15/19  ‘Your words matter’: Muslim leaders condemn Trump’s bigotry after New Zealand attack

3/18/19  Australian leader eggs on teen who cracks egg over head of Muslim-bashing senator

8/05/19 Trump Says ‘Hate Has No Place’ in U.S. After Two Mass Killings

Catholic and/or Christian Bashing:

3/21/19  Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France—and Officials Don’t Know Why
3/22/19  Priest stabbed during morning mass at Montreal’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory

White Supremacy and/or Far Right Issues:

3/16/19  Trump downplays white nationalism threat after massacre

3/17/19  Tlaib calls on Trump to condemn white supremacists

3/19/19  UK to start issuing far-right terrorism alerts

3/20/19 Radical White Terrorism

3/21/19 Why white nationalist terrorism is a global threat

3/21/19 We Were Offered Big Money by Zionists

3/23/19  Far-right terror poses ‘biggest threat’ to north of England

3/28/19 Facebook extends ban on hate speech to ‘white nationalists’


3/17/19  The New Zealand mosque massacres revive old wounds in the Balkans

3/19/19  The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities 

3/21/19  Christchurch shootings: The people killed as they prayed

3/22/19  Image of New Zealand’s Ardern hugging shooting victim projected on UAE skyscraper

Jewish Lobby/Anti-Semitism and/or Israel:

7/20/11 Mossad spy ring ‘unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake’ 

5/15/18  NZ condemns Israel’s actions along Gaza border

2/10/19  Netherlands to recognise Gaza Strip and West Bank as birthplaces

3/15/19  Jews are unsafe in Turkey and should leave now

3/16/19  Israel warns will use ‘uncompromising force’ against Gaza

3/17/19  BREAKING- NZ Mass Shooting Suspect in Turkey for 2016 Istanbul Bombing Targeting Jews?

3/22/19  Gov. Cuomo condemns ‘cancer’ of hate crimes amid wave of anti-Semitic attacks in New York

3/27/19  Head of NZ Mosque Criticized for Blaming Christchurch Massacres on Mossad

4/4/19  Anti-Semitism Is Back, From the Left, Right and Islamist Extremes. Why?


TvNI = Truth vs. NEW$, Mar.18, 1st hour: Christchurch boondoggle

Is Mosque Video Cognitive Dissonance?


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Hate Speech And Group Sex | How Jones, Stone, Kissinger and Co are Linked

Roger Stone and Alex Jones
Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump


“Let’s look who’s around Alex Jones, the main propaganda outlet for the Israeli firster, Donald Trump, who’s basically making Benjamin Netanyahu the President of the United States and all that Benjamin Netanyahu represents…”

“…1973 to 1979 when the set-up really got going for the complete infiltration of the United States, it was a Soviet era, Soviet penetration program. It’s communist. We understand communist as another name for another Rothschild angle. So the communist, Talmudic supremacist doctrine of world takeover will adopt a capitalist look…”

“I’m trying to link these pedophile rings, and these sex group orgies, with Benjamin Netanyahu, and the control mechanism, and the history of Pollard and the set up under Kissinger, who was a notorius sex pedophile…”

“When we talk about Eptein and pedophile rings, we have Hollywood, we have Netanyahu…Israeli intelligence runs Hollywood via their control of drugs and prostitution rings…the pedophile rings are run by Israel…”

“The same crowd that are hanging with Kissinger, is the same crowd hanging with Trump right now and it’s all got to do with sexual perversion, it’s got to do with group sex…”



Press and the Militarization of Fakery

Director James Gunn and the #MeToo movement Under the Spotlight

Male Enhancement Formula Alex Jones


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Lesson Plan: The Holocaust. Or was it?

Lesson Plan: The Holocaust. Or was it?

We all have had been taught the history. Now Conjure the Holocaust. In a split second images, ideas and feelings play out in a movie mind reel: the Jews were in concentration camps, gassed and burned in ovens and Hitler was defeated by the US and allies and we all live happily ever after in a free worldad naseaum.

Why? Because we have been mind controlled to behave this way.

Let us now contemplate why:

Words have a power to enchant and mesmerize. Linguistic mind-control, especially when linked to traumatic events such as the September 11 and anthrax attacks, can strike people dumb and blind. It often makes some subjects “unthinkable” and “unspeakable.”  To quote Jim Douglass quoting Thomas Merton in JFK and the Unspeakable: the unspeakable “is the void that contradicts everything that is spoken even before the words are said.”

Edward Curtin, Why I Don’t Speak of 9/11 Anymore

The “Holocaust” is probably one of the biggest traumatic events in the modern world and used to great advantage and used now to describe all types of situations, mainly genocidal in nature. In reality the word it self has to do with ‘fiery sacrifice’.
What if it all was a big lie? What if there were very specific reasons by the powers that be to have this ‘war’?

“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.”

The Rise and Fall of the Holocaust Industry

creation of Israel
creation of the modern day military industrial complex
never ending wars
corporate control over governments and the land, the food and the water
Who benefits?

In this lesson plan I challenge you to uncover real history and connect the dots. Make the connections yourself so you begin to see the patterns of the lies. Starting with WWII. Of course you can go back further in the process of total global control…control of the currency (hint, the Netherlands in the 1600s), the infiltration of Freemasonry, the French Revolution…but WWII really marked the point of the acceleration of the globalist machine and total control of the ‘modern state.’

Get out your magazines and make a collage! Or anything that inspires you.

Here are some resources to get you started that have been ‘officially’ given to us by the powers that be and are deemed ‘kosher’:

books–Anne Frank, Night, etc
movies–Jew Hollywood, Spielberg etc et al ad nauseum contribute to the ‘fake’ Holocaust narrative with fictions such as Schindler’s List and the traumatic, Saving Private Ryan
More “Holocaust” Propaganda at the Oscars

Now Contrast with These:

Here are some non ‘kosher’ resources not endorsed by the powers that be:

Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles

Ernst Zundel vs ’60 minutes’

The Rape of Germany After World War II

Hellstorm: The Rape and Mass Murder of German Women after WWII

Hellstorm the movie:

Faurisson on the Holocaust

Chomsky on Faurisson, racism, holocaust etc.

Ursula Haverbeck – 88 Year Old Grandmother Imprisoned

Germany Still Occupied: Ursula Haverbeck Sentenced to Ten Months for Doubting Jewish “Holocaust” Stories

Holocaust Hoax Demolished in Five Minutes by Gas Chamber Expert

The “Six Million” Jewish “holocaust” Myth

Did Jews Kill General Patton?

Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president

Brother Nathaniel dishes about Jew chosenness and fake holocaust:

The Holocaust Club:


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