Iran: The CIA is Rocking Your World!

The CIA likes to stage many plays/plots in various countries where they place their favorite puppet stars like:

The Shah of Iran

iran shah


CIA Admits They did the 1953 Coup d’etat in Iran

With the help of MI6, because they’re always nice like that.

Because we find that when Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh,

“…became the Prime Minister in 1951; The first thing he accomplished after introducing his nationalist cabinet, was the enforcement of the Oil Nationalization Bill to terminate the British ownership and influence on the Iran’s oil industry. The British immediate reaction was a lawsuit against Iran in the United Nations Security Council and Hague International Court.

iran mohammad mosaddegh
Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh


Why do they do that?  Well, the first question to always ask is who benefits.  And that is the usual suspects: the corporations, and their international financiers – the bankers.

The CIA is rocking your world!

iran savak
Savak, the Shah’s secret police force



Gwenyth Todd; USS Liberty; John McCain

The Stupid Greater Israel Project

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Gwenyth Todd; USS Liberty; John McCain

Gwenyth Todd

Recently Gwenyth Todd, American Patriot and Hero stated that:

I am vehemently opposed to the vast influx of radical Western Jewish settlers into Israel’s post-1967 borders and the extensive support the US Government has directly and indirectly provided to those settlers. I am also acutely aware of and outraged by President Johnson’s efforts to have Israel send the USS LIBERTY and her crew to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in June 1967.

Johnson’s orders regarding the USS LIBERTY were a criminal betrayal of US citizens everywhere and should be properly publicized and exposed for the US public to see as proof of right-wing Zionist control reaching to the top of the US Government.

No one who learns about the USS LIBERTY can ignore the extent of Israel’s grip on US leaders. I was a child in Malta when the USS LIBERTY was brought into port and my father was the US Embassy liaison, so I have first-hand, vivid experience with this act of treason by President Johnson.


Who had a hand in the USS Liberty besides President Johnson? Why, no other than John McCain’s father!

Lying John McCain and his Lying Treasonous Father:

John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!

Here we see John McCain lying again.  About some ships…And things…With his little friend Lindsey Graham.



Currently Gwenyth Todd is living in Australia, because it is not safe for her here in the US.

Gwenyth Todd 2012 – Bild: Giornalettismo

What is Gwenyth Todd’s crime? Stopping a war with Iran.

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