The Illuminati Art World

The Illuminati Control the Art World

When they aren’t out dining and drinking, flying around the world, trying to squeeze themselves into Valentino or Versace clothing, or partaking in their favorite occult rituals–collecting art is their favorite thing to do.

A Movie About the Illuminati Art World
A Movie About the Illuminati Art World

The Illuminati speak to each other in the arcane symbolism found within all artistic periods throughout history. They infuse this arcane symbolism in their secret societies, like Freemasonry, to give their rituals power.

They also weave this symbolic language in films and theatre.

In fact, they really do believe that the world is but a stage and they can do what they like to entertain themselves.

Like get their ‘security forces’ (CIA, MI6, Mossad, Bandar Bush Saudis) to create groups like ISIS to not only manifest acts of terror, but as an aside–plunder and pillage countries and desecrate their antiquities, thereby driving up the price of the remaining art objects of a particular type from a particular country.

They feel they are the only ones who really understand this language. Because they are rich and special and no mundane mortal could get it quite like they do.

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