The Digital Revolution

Cano Scan 8800F Problems
No, those aren’t sunbeams or the beginnings of rainbows in the corners of this picture, they are a problem that I don’t have a solution to. Yes, I checked this slide under a loupe and it is technically perfect. But I can’t sell it. A possible solution is having it scanned to a disk in a commercial photo lab. At $ 1.00/photo it can become a little pricey. That’s why I bought the Cano Scan. I have hundreds of negatives and slides that need to be scanned. It seems it is with the slides I encounter this problem.

Sorry, I don’t have an answer to the problem, but I will let you know when I do. If you have a solution to weird sunbeams in your slides using the Cano Scan, let me know.

The Digital Revolution is Here
Digital technology is progressing so fast I have decided to wait a few months to purchase a new camera. That, and I just don’t have the money. Photography is an expensive pursuit, but you can easily recall your expenses of digital camera equipment if you’re a good photographer.

Just think, no more expensive slide film or processing costs to pay for!

If you are a writer, but have a keen eye and think you might be a good photographer, then by all means get a camera! You can easily double your money with pictures.

Time is passing me by, and I’m getting antsy.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…
Do you remember that National Geographic photo of the Afghani girl with the amazing green eyes? I bet you do. And if you don’t, you will remember you will when you see it. With the technology in digital camera equipment increasing exponentially, it is getting easier and easier to take these great shots.

In the future I will give you some tips on getting excellent photos.

And to think I started out with my clunky old Pentax ME Super…which I still love by the way.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

Update: The problem has been fixed and I’ve sold this photo many times.

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