Psyops and the Illuminati Entertainment Biz

One of the ways that the masses of people are conditioned is through operant or classical conditioning.  BF Skinner and Ivan Pavlov were the founders of the behavioral branch of psychology which seeks to understand how people are influenced by stimulus and response.

Anyone who has taken psyche101 is familiar with Pavlov’s dog.  A bell is rung and food is produced and the dog learns to salivate when it hears the bell. My cat does the same thing in the morning when the automatic coffeepot kicks on. Meow! Time to get up everyone.

People like to believe they have free will all the time. This is not true.  You have to be constantly vigilant and questioning.  There are people well trained to get you to bark when need be. Skilled puppet masters behind the scenes are working overtime in the entertainment industry, which includes marketing and advertising. Because let’s face it. Everything is a product waiting to be sold. To you.

Let’s look at an example. Perhaps 2 Chainz is right. As bizarre as it sounds maybe the director is using Illuminati symbolism. Maybe the director is using this archetypal symbolism for a reason.  The director gets a lot of video views and is learning something. He is learning how to manipulate people.  It’s as if he is tapping into the collective unconscious of humanity.  But who does the director answer to? Let’s follow the money.

Many of these institutions are major globalist players. Such as Ford, who has a foundation called the Globalist/Transatlantic Futures.  I think we know where Ford stands.

You’ll notice a lot of goat symbolism. Why goats? It is an occult symbol used by the Illuminati that a lot of old brands utilize, such as Dodge Ram trucks, a Chrysler brand.

The use of sex is a major operant salivation tool. Such as Robin Thicke’s Blurred naked lines-goat-sex-women video. Yes, a whole lotta blurred bestiality here.

I also think many entertainers are using these symbols because they are learning what works. It’s powerful. It’s mysterious. It creates an aura of unknowing around them.  I don’t think it’s a mindless fad. I think these people know what they are doing.

People are learning to equate power, money and sex with this symbolism. They want it and they will willingly follow the trail.  Unconsciously.  Because hey, we can do what we want. It’s our party…

And we even have goat jewelry. Apparently Phillipine de Rothschild likes to wear a lot of it.  Notice how she glosses over Waterloo.  The Rothschilds financed the British and the French during those wars.  You can buy quite a lot of goats with what they made in that transaction.

That’s where you end up when you follow the money.


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