All the World’s a Stage

Players we are. All. I admit I love acting and the stage. I love feeling the energy of the crowd and mirroring back that energy. Truly, there is nothing like it. And I admit I feel more then a little perturbed when there are those who wish to bask in the glory and give nothing back. Look at me! Look at me! They shout. They posture.

Life is an energy play. Relationships are all about giving and receiving. If it is all one way it doesn’t work. There must be a constant dance of energy or else there is stagnation. Learn to help one another – pat eachother on the back. Julia Cameron took a lot of flak for this in her book The Artist’s Way. A fellow writer wondered why she was encouraging people who weren’t “real writers.”

If you write you are a writer. If you take pictures you are a photographer. If you wash dishes you are a dishwasher. You get the picture. People are looking for validation. They don’t feel they have made it unless they are published or get a paycheck. You’ll get there. I promise. Just be diligent and focused. Only you decide when to give up on yourself, no one can make that decision for you.

Today I thought I would climb up on the stage. I feel good that I was given an Editor’s Choice Award at for my article “Shakespeare in the Classroom.” It made me feel good, and it gave me encouragement to go further. I also found it ironic that I received the award the day after I published the previous blog post containing a picture of the masks of comedy and tragedy. Yeah, there are a lot of highs and lows to freelancing. There is a lot of synchronicity. More on this later…

Okay, exit stage left. It’s your turn.

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