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Learn to look at things with new eyes. See the shadow play on the water and the light infiltrate through the trees. Can you capture the image? Do you have an idea what it will look like on film? I rarely pose things, but…

Fish Food for Thought
So I play with my food. I know, I know – we are told not to. But food shapes sell right? Think Sponge Bob cereal and Animal Crackers. Where could I use this photo? The image story went like this:

Me: Where did you get that perch on the plate?
Mate: It wasn’t perch. It was blue gill.
Me: What lake?
Mate: I’m not going to tell you that so you can broadcast it on the web. Too many people are lazy and want to know what lake to fish in so they can drop a line. Let them work for it.

Trade Secrets
There are none. No one can wave a magic wand and make you an excellent writer or photgrapher. You do it all yourself. You decide how badly you want it and how much energy you have to devote towards morphing yourself into a successful entrepreneur. You can learn all the tips and tricks you need by educating yourself.

Photo Credit:   © Ellen Wilson

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