Tired of Fake Reality?

Are you getting tired of the fake news?  Which supports a fake reality? The magicians slight of hand tricks that keep you from knowing the truth?  Yes, lots of people are just going along to get along. They have an inkling if they just be good and do what they’re told things will work out for them. Sorry, but I don’t think that is quite the game the powers that be are playing.

No, the stupid cell phone is NOT the next best thing to the free candy crush game mind control entrainment program offered on it. There is technology out there that you get a glimpse of via Hollywood movies. But then the magician lets the current down again and spins you in the everyday game of shit called let’s bomb some country and sell off thousands of sex/organ/you name it they do it slaves while we steal their oil and whatever else we can make money on. And we will manufacture terrorists to sell this plot line. Or some gun crazed individual.

WE ARE the GAME being played.

Do you want a News Years Resolution that really supports the Earth and future generations? Time to start calling out our fake congress out and our fake government. Time to end the Federal Reserve. Seriously, it is just a way to mine the Earth and all the creatures on it. Do you think anyone in Washington cares about the Constitution? #haha

This might be the reason your are here right now. Not to buy the next best cell phone, which comes in rainbow colors and bigger and better containment/entrainment technologies.

So pick a side. What is your News Years resolution?



It All Started with DUNE





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John Fitzgerald Kennedy Counsels the “American Free Press”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, an American President who apparently really cared about the American people.

File photo dated 27/06/1963 of US President John F. Kennedy acknowledging the cheers of the crowd when he visits New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland as the world marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

JFK was assassinated…and it wasn’t by Lee Harvey Oswald.  JFK knew some things like:

  • what the CIA was going to do with MKUltra on College Campuses
  • what was happening with Roswell, Disclosure about Aliens, etc
  • And of course, he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. A fake foreign interest bank that uses this country to a. support Israel b. the Pentagon and c. include a and b

So we can safely assume that JFK was killed by the usual suspects.

In this speech JFK talks about problematic secret societies, the rise of the military industrial complex and it interconnected networks and why The American Press has an OBLIGATION to report the TRUTH to the citizens of the United States of America.


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