My Crappy Mortgage

My old bank, aptly named Seterus, or, SETER US, which according to the dictionary means transfer of livestock to one grazing ground to another, recently changed names again. It is now called Mr Cooper.  Apparently there a bunch of ‘Coopers’ though I haven’t figured out what this means yet. Before this it was named Aurora, goddess of the dawn, a Lehman Brothers bank. Who else is a ‘light’ of the dawn?  Yeah. Why don’t you think on that for awhile and ‘enlighten’ yourself.

Just who is Mr Cooper? Like, DB Cooper?  Stealing the cash and jumping off the plane?

“..Seterus is basically a criminal organization who makes money by buying mortgages that are not under water, have good payment history, and have equity then using anything they can to turn the account into default so they can foreclose.”

Yes, that’s basically been my experience with them. I tried to get out of their fake MORTgage (death) system under the fake Obama plan, but I got ring-around-the-rosy pocket full of posies (poseurs) phone games for three straight months with these government bank HARP jokers.

So not only have raised my city taxes in this funked up town, but have also raised the loan interest rates. That and the roads still are crap in some neighborhoods.

Let us be clear. After the little market ‘crash’ and fiscal buyout out of Fannie and Freddie that was hoisted on the tax payers, they have the nerve to send me this cute little notice:

We bought the house in 2006 for $103,500.  So basically the banks took about $35,000 from us.

This is my house:

This is my side yard, we have a lot and a half, so also a back yard. Flower garden in front and fruits and veggie raised beds behind:

This is my driveway and garage:

This is my fountain and frog in the backyard:

I’m not going to show you pictures on the inside, but needless to say you can tell from the outside aesthetic that the inside doesn’t look like crap.

All of this bank funny business transfer of names etc., started happening when all these projects started being initiated in the city.

Seems to me that someone is skimming money off what is going on and regular people are footing the bill. Like usual.  Is this happening in your town? With your mortgage?

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