Writing the Wild Within: Part 3 – Squirrel Away Your Energy

Columbian Ground Squirrel, copyright Ellen Wilson

If you will watch an animal in the wild you will notice it doesn’t waste any energy.  All of the available energy an animal has goes into finding food, finding shelter, mating, and feeding its young.  An animal really doesn’t want to waste any energy, because the less energy it has the less chance it has for survival.

We human animals rarely think of our life in these terms because we live in civilization, and we feel protected and safe.  But it pays to think about how we spend our energy because sooner or later that great equalizer, that great stalker – Death, will cut us down.  Of course we spend a lot of time deluding ourselves that Death won’t cut us down, but that is another story.

It pays (literally, because that is the currency that gives all the goods we need for survival) to think about how you spend your precious energy.  Pay attention to your energy cycle, or when you feel more concentrated or have the best energy.

I squirrel away my best energy in the morning.   This is when I work on my novel.  I like this slightly dreamy state for working with fresh material imbued with my imagination.   At this time of day it is just me and the characters of my work dancing in my head.

And then the dream ends.

In the world of freelancing it is usually feast or famine.  You rarely can pace yourself with just the right amount of work for yourself.  It isn’t like the Three Little Bears, and it is never just right.  Usually you have to much, or too little, and if it is just right, get ready for it to change to either or.

Then there is the added layer of social media and social networking – this takes energy too.

Recently Michael Martine, author of Remarkablogger described how bloggers should run in packs, like wolves, to get the most effectiveness out of working together as a group for common and individual goals.  I have always thought this makes sense because humans are social animals and we usually don’t operate in isolation.

To demonstrate how this operates, Chris Garrett picked up on Michael’s blog idea and suggested on Twitter that everyone come together and communicate under the Authority Blogger forum.

This is why we have civilization in the first place.  So we can come together and accomplish mutual and individual goals.  It takes far less energy doing things this way than operating alone.

Photo Credit:  © Ellen Wilson

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