MKUltra Michigan

This is Cathy O’Brien. Cathy is from Muskegon, Michigan.


Cathy was a victim of a CIA MKUltra (mind kontrol) program.

She came from a multi-generational incestuous family, something the CIA looks for in its programming of mind kontrol victims.

Her father was a Freemason in a Blue Lodge. Her father offered her up for sex with President Ford when she was a child.

Gerald Ford, Mitt Romney, Mormon Mind Kontrol,

Mormons; Beaver Island, Michigan; Child Abuse

President Ford was from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ford had ties to the Bushs. Ford was on the Warren Commission, and was instrumental in covering up President Kennedy’s assassination.

Cathy and her partner, Mark Phillips wrote Trance: Formation of America.


It is this author’s and the book’s contention that America is in a Trance and needs to wake up.

But the CIA does not want it to.

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Cynthia McKinney: An American Hero

Cynthia McKinney. REAL American Hero
Cynthia McKinney. REAL American Hero

The other day I was having a conversation with a ‘friend’ who is ‘not awake’ rather brainwashed and ‘programmed’ by the TV and six corporations that run all of propaganda regarding ‘reality.’

ME: Where do you think all of this money disappears to if the US doesn’t have a secret space program?

ME: She also said everyone has to take an oath to AIPAC if they are in Congress.

FRIEND: That’s ridiculous. No one has to take an ‘oath.’ I don’t even know who Cynthia McKinney is. She’s making it all up.

ME: She was a Congressional rep from Georgia.

ME: Cynthia McKinney questioned Donald Rumsfeld about trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon budget. He didn’t know where it went. Don’t you think that’s odd?

FRIEND: No. I’m sure the accountants can figure it out.

ME: *smirking* Wow! Me too! Let’s go watch Seinfeld.

Cynthia McKinney Exposes the Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell:


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