Clients That Don’t Pay

It happens.  Recently it happened to me.  But I got my money. So what did I do?

Oh I sat there for awhile, contemplating small claims court and the hassle that entails.  But like Dylan Thomas raging against the dying of the light, I did not go quietly into that good night.

If the your client is advertising on the Internet that is their Achilles heel.  That’s how they drum up business, and they probably want to keep it that way.  Draw back your pen like a good warrior and get ready to shoot them a letter that will instantly make them cut you a check (plop cash in your paypal)  faster than you can say deadbeat.  This method really works, I received a check in the mail within the week.

What to put in the said letter and/or email?  You are simply and straightforwardly going to scare them into giving you your money.  You don’t have to be nasty about it, just be direct about the consequences. Send them no more than three invoices, because, like baseball, after three strikes you’re out.  If you get no response after say, three weeks after your three invoices have been sent, then get ready for the letter.

Check out Angela Hoy’s Writers Weekly for specific advice on how to craft the letter.

Get everything in writing.  If you do make your way into small claims court, you need evidence, not your word against said client.  Save emails and all other types of written correspondence.

Also check out this post on Writers Weekly concerning the rise of scammers advertising jobs on the Internet.  Expect more of this scamminess in the future due to the crappy economy.


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