Holy Blood Holy Grail Holy Crap

One of the favorite Illuminati Freemasonic pastimes is to pretend to fight with each other.

And make a lot of money at it at the same time…

Dare to me draw your attention to the Rothschilds and the French Revolution.

En garde!

It is theatre…It is a game…It is played on many different levels…

Thus when we see Michael Baigent, a Freemason, argue with Dan Brown, we begin to be suspicious.  Baigent’s argument rested on the premise that Brown “appropriated the architecture” of his book.  Quite an oddly phrased Freemasonic idea relating to architecture.

Because The DaVinci Code was fiction. 

Or could it be that the Freemasons and their Jesuit friends want to push the Mary Magdalene/Jesus Marriage idea into the limelight, for their own hidden purposes?

Baigent spends a lot of time in Holy Blood Holy Grail on a strange guy named Berenger Sauniere who was the pretend priest at Rennes-le-Chauteau.  Sauniere had a lot of odd habits, like digging up the well system on the property, and placing Masonic, Kabbalistic ritual type stones into the graveyard.  All of which pissed the locals right off.

Sauniere also got a crap load of money from the Hapsburgs, the extra special friends of the Vatican.¹

One could argue that since this area was a Knights Templar stronghold, Sauniere was looking for Templar artifacts and/or was trying to release their power from the area and use it for nefarious ends.

Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar

1 Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Holy Blood Holy Grail. (New York: Bantam Dell, 1983), 37.


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